5 Things You Should Prepare To Make Your Dog Love To Play Indoors

Finding a way to make your dog busy at home? You are at the right place. We will inform you things you should prepare to make your dog love to play indoors.

This is quite a challenge to make your dog entertained and occupied indoors. You must come up with ideas and find some ways about how to make your dog love playing indoors. And it can be exhausting to turn the ideas into real things. But take it as a positive way for you to exercise with the one you love.

There are some things you need to prepare to make your dog loves being with you indoors.

For your information, dogs are easily bored and if they are bored, they could become the source of the problem or disaster in your house. They consider us as their playmate or main source of entertainment. So either we play with them or provide them with toys, then they will be occupied and stay away from problems.

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Pet proof your house

This is very important you should do first thing in preparing your house to be a playground for your dog. Make your house safe and spacious for the dogs. Keep away the cords and things that could endanger your dog. Cables, garbage bins, scattered toys, chemicals, medicines, food, poisonous plants, sharp objects, laundry, electrical or phone wires should be kept or taken away from the area where your dog will play.

Create a place as if you would play soccer with your dog. Which mean spacious and clean from any objects. That will be convenient for your dog to play some games.

Interactive games

It doesn’t have to be dull to stay indoors with your dog. You can play the games with your dog while use that opportunity to teach him some new tricks. Dogs likes to play with you and it will affect their happiness of course it will impact their overall health and well-being. It is not necessarily important to provide your dog with expensive and a lot of toys to keep them busy, but it only needs a little bit of your time and dedication. Though we can’t give them much of our time but we can give them some fun activities with few simple games and tricks. And when you look at your dog’s face full of happiness and excitement, all of your efforts and hard works paid up.

Here are some kinds of activities you can play with your dogs at home:

1. Invite a dog friend

Dogs love to play together. If you invite a friend to your dog, he will be very happy and feeling fun to play together, to sniff together and to cuddle. It will give you time for yourself and let your dog having fun without you. However, you still need to keep an eye on them or they will create a mess in your house.

Another choice you have other than inviting another dog for your dog is to adopt a new dog as your pet. Besides rescuing another orphan dog from the shelter, you also do a good deed by giving love and shelter for the new pet in your home. Before adopting a new dog, make sure that your dog gets along with your new one. For some shelters, you are allowed to have the chosen dog for certain period to foster the pet. You can take this foster period as the time to see whether your dog can accept a new friend to live with him.

Not only dogs, you may choose other animals as your house pet. Your dogs can adjust to your choice. As long as they get along, they will find a way to keep company to each other. They will find a way to entertain and to play together.

And after you choose the new pet, don’t forget to keep the vaccinations on track. You definitely don’t want your new pet to be the source of disease to your dog and of course, you want your new pet to be healthy as well.

2. Turn on the tv

Who says dogs don’t like watching TV? They love TV. They have great vision and they like to pay attention to moving object. But not all breed likes TV. Some breeds like terrier or brichon frise love TV. It’s quite amusing to think that love TV like human beings do, right. If you have TV Channels that feature a lot about pets and animal programs, they might find it very entertaining and it will keep them busy watching TV.

3. Toys

Toys is one of best idea to keep your dog playing by himself. However, you must choose the correct toys according to your dog size and age.  There are many varieties of toys in the pet store. Choose them accordingly to your dog’s preference. If one toy fails to entertain your dog, choose other toys. x

Chewing toys are fun for hours. Whether they are rubber balls, simple knots, rubber ducks or any other form of chewing toys, this kind of toys will provide fun for hours for your dogs to play alone.

Rawhide dog bones can be another an alternative toy for your dog. Not only giving them nutrient but also making them fun in chewing it for hours. Choose the appropriate ones based on your dog’s size and age. You will find them gnawing the bones and passing the day in peace staying indoors.

Balls are always one of favorite toy for dogs. They will love running and chasing the balls you throw out.  This kind of activity will lessen his energy and it will calm him down afterwards.

4. Playing hide and seek

It might entertain your dog and also yourself to see how fun to trick him to find your whereabouts. Recently there are some videos regarding this kind of game to play with your dog. The play of the game which is recently viral is this. You spread a bid cover in front of you where your dog is watching. There should be a way out behind you to make you disappear from your dog’s sight. Pull up the cover high above you and when you let the cover go, you have to run quickly before the cover falls down and uncover yourself. This is very amusing to see your dog’s reaction that you are disappeared from his sight. You might try this game and record your dog’s reaction to it. Trust me, that is very funny to watch.

5. Tug War

This is another funny game to play with your dog. Not only will bond you with your dog closer, it will keep you healthy. This activity will become a way to release a pent-up of your dog after he waits the whole day to see you.  Choose soft rope for your dog and your hands not to harm both of you.

Here above are things you should prepare to make your dog love to play indoors. As you want to understand more about your dogs’ needs, you can find it from some links here: Things you should do to keep your dog safe playing outside and How to keep your puppies safe playing outside.