7 Signs That A Dog Secretly Upset At You

Dog is a great company, and it is proved by the amount of people who choose dog as their life companion. Most people choose dog because dog is a great pet to help in mostly everything. Dog can help either physical or mental problem in a person. There are lots of news telling about rescue dog that helps firefighters. Even there’s a dog that helps people with their mental illness. But did you ever notice that dog is also have feelings? They can also feel happy, excited, angry, and even upset. Unfortunately, not many people know about this, and make their dog suffers. This is why we will discuss about 7 signs that a dog secretly upset at you. After this, you don’t have to worry about an upset dog anymore!

Why dog gets upset?

Dog can feel lots of emotions, and one of them is upset. There are some factors that make dog feels upset towards you. For example, when you force your dog to play when actually your dog is feeling enough and need some rest. Or when you decided to change its diet when you actually know that the previous one was its favorite. Or maybe, when you shout at it when you notice your dog did something you forbid.

Those are some factors and there are lots aside listed above. Maybe your dog is upset over the circumstance, or other person in the house. But the important thing you should know first is signs that a dog secretly upset at you. After this, you can take some steps to make sure your dog is not getting upset at you anymore! You can also check in 15 Effective Methods to Treat Depression in Dog for further references.

1. Uninterested ears

Everybody knows dog has a very sensitive hearing. It can hear voices that we can’t hear with our ears. And this is one of the most noticeable dog’s body language. When it hears something suspicious, dog will perk its ears upwards and listen carefully to the noises. But when it gets upset, dog will show its uninterested gesture. One of it is not perking its ear when there’s voices calling the dog’s name. Aware when your dog is not perking its ears at you when you calls its name. Maybe your dog is getting upset at your over something you did or said before.

2. Unimpressed eyes

When a dog gets excited or curious over something or someone, it’s noticeable through its eyes. Dog will glances over the person or thing with cautious. Dog will keep glancing over until it decides that the person or stuff doesn’t attracting anymore. So when you call its name and your dog refuses to look at you, you need to pay attention. It can get worse if your dog even walk away from you. It possibly means that your dog is greatly upset at you. You need to pay attention towards such small gestures on your dog. Since dog can’t communicate verbally with us, the only way to know its condition is by the body language.

3. Fussing around

A happy and healthy dog has its own favorite place to sit or lay down. When the dog feels tired or need to catch a breath, it will walk to its favorite place and sit or lay down there. But this rule isn’t applied to an upset dog. When a dog gets upset, it will keep on pacing around. The dog will keep on walking around the space and never want to settle down on its favorite place. Pay attention when your dog starts to show this sign. You can check thoroughly at some possible factors like your emotions or the house ‘s environment. But it will increase the likelihood of your dog runs away. To avoid that, you can read on How To Train Your Dog Not To Run Away From Home to keep your buddy safe.

4. Tucked tail

If you’re a dog lover, you will definitely know when your dog gets excited. The easiest gesture is when you notice your dog swooshes its tail. Usually, dog will also let its tongue out when it get excited over something. But when your dog is not showing such signs when you bring its favorite food or toy, beware. It’s possible that your dog is getting upset over something or someone. You can check your surroundings and yourself to find out what’s wrong.

5. Turns aggressive

A domestic dog is mostly a nice pet and rarely attacks people. Dog is already know that people is not a threat. It will let people to make a physical contact like cuddle. Dog will turns aggressive when it want to protect something valuable. For example, when you want to forcefully take its food bowl away. Or when you’re threatened by a bad guy when you both are on a walk together. Your dog will let out a loud, threatening growl at the threat. If the growl doesn’t work, it usually will attack the threat. When your dog attack your for no reason, you need to be extremely careful. Since it means your dog is upset at you. An aggressive dog is a very dangerous one, and you need to be very gentle towards it.

6. Become vocal

Dog is quite similar with wolf, it can howl to let out their frustration over something. Or to give a call about its presence, so other animals will walk away from its territorial. Aside from howl, dog can whimper as well. It’s a sign that the dog is feeling sad, lonely, or gets hurt. When your dog act such way above, you need to check on the dog gently to make sure that the dog isn’t hurting. If your dog is still whimpering, you can try to remember some past events. Maybe you did something that make your dog feels sad towards you. You can also try cool stuffs from 3 Ways to Train Your Dog to be Quiet on Command to make sure your dog can hold its barks.

7. Don’t want to be hold

Dog loves physical affection. It will roll and let you scratch its belly, or let you pet its head. In fact, dog will become upset when there’s lack of attention. Dog usually sniffs its owner’s hand to tell that the dog needs affections. When your dog runs away from you and doesn’t want to be hold by you, pay attention. It might be a sign that your dog is getting upset towards you. Read also How to Make a Dog Listen and Obey to You Outside

That’s all about 7 signs that a dog secretly upset at you, it’s quite easy to identify by yourself. The key is you need to pay attention to your dog’s body language. Because it’s the only way to know your dog’s emotion. Having a sad floof buddy inside your house is the least thing you want to happen. By learning your dog’s body language and consulting the behavior with the experts, you don’t have to worry about sad floof anymore. And another important key, stay gentle yet stern towards your dog. Those gestures will keep your dog obedient and make less problems. Good luck with your floof buddy!