5 Ways To Know That Your Pet Dog Know Your Sadness

Everyone know that dog has a very sensitive ears and nose. Quick fun facts, dog can hear voices up to 8.000 Hertz while human only up to 2.000 Hertz. It can hear voices that so small or so far away. It’s nose is also a blessing, it can smell 10.000 times better than ours! Due to this super power, dog can also sense feelings of its owner. Dog will respond over our emotions, whether it’s happy, upset, angry, or other emotions. But sometimes, we are the one who don’t know that our dog know our feelings. That’s why, this time the article is all about 5 ways to know that your pet dog knows your sadness. After this, you don’t need to be surprised if your dog know your feeling. It really has the superpowers!

Is dog understand human’s feelings?

Dog doesn’t understand our feeling’s names, but it understands how to calm the overwhelming emotion down. If you’re curious at how your dog does it, your dog use its ears and nose to ‘understand’ the situation. Every time we feel happy, sad, angry, or others, our body produces various chemical reactions. From that chemical reactions, our body produces different scents, depends on the emotion. Dog can smell this very faint scent, thanks to its super sensitive nose. Your dog will lick its nose to taste the scent with their superpower tongue. This way, your dog will process the scent and flavor of your emotions. Dog can feel your sadness, and it makes itself sad, too. You can find out more in how to tell that your dog is truly sad.

1. Puppy eyes

Dog has its own way to soothe its owner, and one of the ways to know that your pet dog knows your sadness is through the eyes. Dog will give a round, slightly teary eyes towards you when you feel sad. It’s dog body language to tell you “I can feel your sadness, don’t cry or I’ll cry too”. Dog will shoot its puppy eyes when it pleads to do or eat something. You can also see it’s puppy eyes when the dog is sad. This body language is very important to dog, because it tells us many things. Learn to spot the difference in each puppy eyes, it will help you to know your dog better. Also learn how to handle such gesture, because each puppy eyes have its own meaning. You can read more about dog and sadness in 7 signs that a dog secretly upset at you.

2. Soft whimpers

Dog lets out a tiny, painful whimpers when it senses something wrong in either itself or its owner. Mostly, it will let out painful whimpers when it gets hurt or when it sees its owner getting sad. Dog whimpers to tell its owner that the dog can feel the sadness, too. Dog also whimpers when it sees an unpleasant sight, for example when there’s a baby crying. It will whimper while trying to calm it down. It can do some sweet gestures, like putting its snoot to the edge of the bed. Or brings its favorite toy to the baby. Dog will do anything to calm someone’s sadness, because it dislikes the sadness scent and flavor. And if you already calmed down but your dog haven’t, you can find out some solutions here.

3. Soothing licks

Dog licks for many reasons. It licks to groom itself, or to soothe a scar. It licks to test a strange diet’s flavor. Or, it licks to give a soothing feeling to its sad owner. Dog will scoot close to its owner, and give a series of gently licks. It does that to tell you that don’t have to be sad because your dog is always by your side. Dog will also licks other dog when it senses sadness coming from the other. As if it tries to wipe away the sadness scent away. It will keep on licking until you smile at your dog and ensures it that you’re not sad anymore. But don’t get the meaning wrong! Dog also licks when it gets ecstatic over something or someone’s presence. Try to decipher your dog’s licks to understands more about your dog.

4. Bringing toys

When dog notices you’re getting upset over something, it can give various responses. One of them is quickly grabbing its favorite toy and give it to you. As if it’s trying to say at you to forget your sadness and play with your dog instead. Your dog will approach you with beaming eyes and excited huffs, while tapping at its toy. There’s no way you’re still sad when your dog does this. Dog knows what to do when you’re sad, and playing is the best medicine to cure any sadness! You can find out more about their favorite activities in how to make your dog happy at home when you’re out to work.

5. Doing goofy things

Dog can also act silly, it will do so whenever it needed. For example, when you’re sad and your dog notices it. At first, it will try to do some stuffs mentioned above, from puppy eyes attack until giving you its toy. But when nothing works, then your dog will starts doing something silly. For example, it will chases its tail and running in circles. Or it will pounces over something small like insects. Dog is a very loyal pet, it will try everything to make sure you’re always happy. So don’t be confused when your dog starts to do something silly in front of you. To make sure that your dog is able to stay silly without getting hurt, you can find some ways to dog-proof your house by reading this article.

And that’s all about 5 ways to know that your pet dog knows your sadness. It’s simple since dog is all about body language. Just remember that your dog dislikes it when you’re sad. So it will try its best to make sure you’re all happy and full of smiles. Also, don’t spend too much time with your dog when you’re sad. It’s better to calm yourself down before you meet your dog. Because your emotions will give a great impact to your dog’s feelings as well. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t spend your sad time with your dog. Your dog might be a good sadness cure, after all. Just pay attention when your dog is affected with your sadness and it getting sadder than yourself. You might want to take your dog for a play or nearest vet if it’s getting worse. Hope now you’re not surprised to know that your dog understands your feelings!