15 Effective Methods to Treat Depression in Dog – Trusted

When your dog is depressed, you must be confused about what you have to do so that your dog can feel happier and not depressed anymore. There are several causes for dogs to experience depression, which you need to know first. The cause of each dog experiencing depression can vary. Know the cause of the depression can lead you to effective methods to treat depression in dog that you can apply to your dog.

Causes of depression in dogs!

Some things that can cause depression in dogs are like:

  • Changes in the life of the dog.
  • Moving home that can lead to stress and depression.
  • Have a baby.
  • Misscariage
  • There are new pets.
  • The absence of food variants.
  • Lack of activity.
  • Irregular meal portions.
  • Intimidated by other dominant dogs.

In addition to some of the things mentioned above, changes in the schedule of activities that you have can also affect the life of the dog. For example, because you have to work, the attention that you usually give to your dog can be reduced, and this can be one of the causes of stress.

Based on reliable sources, in addition to the reasons above, losing friends and losing owners can be the main reason why dogs experience depression.

Dogs can understand human emotions. So, if we are sad, or if the owner of the dog dies, and people are grieving, the dog will catch the emotion and can make him stress and depression.

Those are some of the causes of depression in dogs. You need to know about signs that show your dog is depressed and take immediate action to deal with it!

The effective methods to treat depression in dog!

Some ways you can do to overcome your dog’s depression are like:

  1. Frequent socialization

Like humans, dogs need socialization. Like humans too, dogs need friends. It could be, the easiest way to overcome depression in your dog is to find friends for him. Read more about Benefits of Getting A Puppy With An Older Dog.

If you go to work for a long time, it would be better if your dog has friends or you can leave your dog with friends. Another way, try to find out about How To Make Your Dog Happy At Home When You’re Out To Work.

  1. Activities with your dog

So that your dog doesn’t feel lonely and bored, invite your dog to play. Find out and do activities that you can do with your dog to strengthen your bond as a family. Dogs will feel very happy because you give the attention that they need.

For example, you can take your dog for a walk together. At that time, you can pay attention and provide the training he needs, such as Ways to Train Your Dog to Pee and Poop On The Right Spot. In addition, other activities such as playing ball, playing rope, exercise, and going to the beach or city parks or other public places, will make your dog very happy.

  1. Provide positive appreciation and attitude

Conscious or not, it could be one of the causes of your dog’s depression is because of the owner’s fault. How can? This could be because your dog does not feel that you are giving him the appreciation for the good actions he has done. For example, a small thing like he can spend his food deserves appreciation by pet his head.

  1. Massage

Dogs have a contracting and relaxing muscles that need a massage. You can do occasional massage on the dog that you have. After a massage, you will feel the dog’s muscles relax due to the massage pressure that you give for him.

  1. Feeling safe

Dogs can sometimes worry about the threatening environment, so as a dog owner, you need to ensure the safety of the dog. You can set the dog’s environment as safe as possible, for example by arranging a place to live in such a way that your dog can feel safe.

In addition, making a fence or wall that makes people or outside threats do not have the potential to enter can also make your dog feel safer. Please read this information about Outdoor Dangers That Will Threat Your Dog While Playing Outside. There are dogs that are sensitive to sound. So, if your dog experiences this, make sure that excessive noise should be suppressed so your dog will not worry too much.

  1. Cleanliness is important

Cleanliness for dogs is also important. So, make sure the items that your dog has, is clean. For example, such as eating utensils, cages, bedding, and their play equipment.

Environmental health has an important role in keeping the mood of the dog more positive and good. A dirty environment will invite germs and a nest of diseases so that dogs can be sick.

  1. Change the type of food

Change your dog’s food menu. Just like humans, if you always eat with the same food, you will feel bored. Likewise with your dog. In addition to increasing the weight of the dog’s body weight, the taste of new foods in the memory of the dog will be more and more so that your dog does not get bored and stressed.

  1. Regular diet

Dogs need to have a regular diet, which makes dogs disciplined and has good habits.

  1. Create a quiet environment

Avoid dogs from loud sounds like loud music and machine sounds. The dog’s hearing is sharp enough to make him tormented and more stressed if there is sound beyond his hearing capacity and cause stress and depression. Long trips can make dogs travel sick. This can make your dog not calm, stressed, and depressed.

  1. Caring for the dog’s body

Providing care for the dog’s body, such as by eradicating ticks and cutting the nails, will prevent the dog from getting sick. Sometimes ticks in the dog’s body make him feel pain because ticks bite the dog’s skin and affect the mood of the dog.

If not cleaned, dog nails can also be a nest of germs that make dogs stressful. Give care to the dog’s body including bathing. Although in general, dogs don’t like bath time, you can find Ways To Make Your Dog Loves To Bathe Easily.

  1. Time and Attention

Spend more time with your dog. The best remedy for depressed dogs is your time and attention as the owner. So, make your dog feel that you love and respect them as a family.

Things you can do such as:

  • Walk more often.
  • Play more often.
  • When watching together, position yourself next to your dog.
  1. Important nutrition

A study shows that essential fatty acids from omega-3 and omega-6s can improve mood. Look for a food menu that contains these nutrients, give it to your dog that has depression. Maybe this can help improve the mood of your dog.

  1. Using Herbs

Another way to overcome your dog’s depression is to use herbs. Some herbs and essential oils have been shown to provide a calm effect to overcome depression for humans and dogs. However, you need to remember that when you use this method, you must follow the directions of a professional.

  1. New games to increase interest

Dogs have high curiosity. So, if you introduce something new, whether it’s a new activity or a new game, who knows this will help your dog get out of depression.

  1. Take it to the doctor

If you have done the above methods but there is no change, take it to an animal specialist. It could be that your dog has a chemical imbalance in his body and may need drugs such as Prozac and also behavior modification programs to overcome depression problems. After being examined, the doctor will provide a solution in the form of medicine or therapy.

Things you need to know about depression in dogs!

The initial symptom between your dog is sick or your dog is depressed is almost similar. Either because your dog is sick or depressed, the initial symptoms shown may be unwilling to eat. So, it would be better if you take your dog to the vet’s clinic to make sure what is the cause of the change in behavior.

You must know what can trigger depression in dogs. If you have a healthy dog but suddenly experience depression, this could be for simple reasons such as changes in routine that can affect the mental health of the dog. When observing signs of depression in dogs, try to pay attention to dog’s body language and habits.

Those are some effective methods to treat depression in dog. Try applying it to your dog if your dog experience depressed and good luck!