13 Simple Ways To Dog-Proof Your Home

You must want to have a house safe for all the family members. Especially for your children who still don’t understand much about the danger of seems to be ordinary things scattered around the house. And of course, your pets won’t understand it either whether the situation is safe or not. That’s why we will provide you with 13 simple ways to dog-proof your home.

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Now here are some tips how to turn your house into a safe place for your dog:

  • Put away or cover up all the cords and cables in your house

What is dangerous to your children, is also dangerous to your pets. From everything in sharp form to small things which are very dangerous to swallow. The easiest thing to make your place safe both for your kids and your pets are to turn into a baby-proof house.

You will find it dangerous to leave the electrical cord scattered which can be easily chewed and it will electrocute them. We recommend you to take some actions to baby-proof your house, for example, to limit the area for your pets to wander, cover all electrical outlets and put away the electrical cables from their reach. Not only electrical cord, all cables including telephone wires, blind cord, and any ropes can be dangerous to pets as there probably is a chance to strangle them.

  • Lock the cabinets

Few years back there are some viral news regarding cabinets which killed toddler who climbed up using the drawers. The cabinet tumble down and fell on the kid’s body. This news is telling us how dangerous a furniture which we though as sturdy. Lock all the cabinets to prevent both your kids and pets to open them as use them as their toys. Install childproof latches on cabinets

  • Sturdy trash can

Many dogs like to linger near the trash can for they are sniffing delicious treats from inside like leftover foods, fast-food wrappers and used tissues. However, we don’t like it when we find the trash can on the floor with all the scattered waste need to be cleaned. Not only that, this habit risks our dog’s health as they can become sick who vomits or having diarrhea.  It is advised to invest into a sturdy pull-out trash can which will be hard for dogs to dig in. Or you can keep the can away in a safe place like under the counter space.

  • Electronic devices

You will never like to know if your dog stuck behind your electronic machines or inside the machine. Make sure to place the electronic devices without any holes or space where your dog can hide in between.

  • Close the door

For the space you want it private for yourself, always close the door to prevent your dog to come inside and make a mess. If you have a big dog who can open the door by himself, consider to lock it.

  • Clutter free

Put everything in order. It is to make you easier to find your things. Another reason is to keep it out of reach from your playful dogs who might like to chew things thinking those are their toys. Keep away all those chemical and any medicines out of their reach. You don’t want your pets get poisoned because of your carelessness, right.

  • Food

Try to remember all the foods which are poisonous to your pets. Many people foods are not fit for dogs to consume. For example, is chocolate. This kind of food are most favorite kind of food for many people. Unfortunately, this is toxic for your dogs. Not only chocolate, avocado, grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, coffee, macadamia nuts are among toxic foods for dogs. No matter how you want to treat your dogs with your favorite foods, those above foods are forbidden for your dogs.

  • Chemical and medicines

Another thing to keep away from reach are chemical and medicines. Cleansers, detergents, fabric softeners, bleach, vitamins, and medications are dangerous for your dogs if they are swallowed. Dog’s nature is to chew, so it’s natural for them to chew things which attract them and then swallow it.

  • Fireplace and barbecue pit

If you have a fireplace in the house and you lit the fire during winter, it is better to put a fence around the fireplace in case there is a flying hot ashes and flames to your dogs while he is lying down in front of the fireplace. Don’t take the risk of the burn for your dog.

Just as fireplace is dangerous indoor, barbecue pit can be as dangerous outdoor. Keep the lighter fluid out of reach and keep an eye on both the fire and your pet.

  • Indoor plants

When you choose to have indoor plants, consider to have a sturdy pot and a bit high. You don’t want the dog to dig into the soil of your plant, right? And be careful in choosing the kind of plants which are not poisonous for dogs. Here is a list of poisonous plants for the dogs, aloe vera, ivy, jade, dumb cane, philodendron, photos, sago palm, elephant ear, corn plant, asparagus fern and zamioculcas.

  • Balcony

Do you have balcony at your house? Consider to install the wires or between the barrier or choose fences type balcony. Make the prevention to keep your dog in safety. Though you think that balcony may seem safe for your dogs, it may be easy for your cute and small dog to slip through the railings.

  • Swimming pool, pond and spa.

Train your dog to get used to in the swimming pool. They are a nature swimmer, but you will feel more at ease to know they are a good swimmer. Even though they are a good swimmer, it is still very dangerous if they can’t get out of the pool, spa or pond. Pay attention to them as pool and spa contains chemical in the water. Don’t let the dog drink from it as it’s very dangerous to them.

  • Dog-proof your garage and backyard

As you need to dog-proof the inside of your house, you have to do the same to your garage and backyard. Ensure to clean your garage free from dangerous chemical. Move all the chemicals to high shelves so your dog can’t reach them. And put away all the sharp tools and objects from your dog’s reach.

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