10 Basic Tips To Be A Good Hamster Owner

Hamster is really easy to take care, and it is a really friendly animal. It is no high-risk while taking good care of the hamster. So, how is to be a good hamster owner?  This question is also be in mind of the beginner. It is their first time to take care of this little fella. Being a good hamster owner is not difficult. You must know the basic what is the hamster needed and not. If you want to be a good hamster owner, these are the 10 basic tips to be a good hamster owner.  Let’s check these out.

1. Your hamster really need another large cage than this

Hamster really loves to play, they are a very active animal, especially at the night. However, if you have two hamsters, it is good for you to have another large cage than you have. Why? A hamster will love it if its habitat is larger than usual. You can see both of your hamsters play around freely. Place some of the toys that make your hamsters happy. There are many kinds of hamster toys that you must have, such as a wheel, hamster tunnel, a home for a hamster in cute shape or a seesaw.

2. Make a hamster bedding

There are many pet shop sell the hamster bedding. But, if you do not have much money, you can make DIY hamster bedding by yourselves. How? You will need some paper bag or printer blank paper, an old shirt, and a blender. First, gather your blender then start ripping the paper and put in the blender and give it some water. Then blender the paper in one minute. After that, drain it into the old shirt. Make sure you drain it well. After you drain it, please make some of the paper balls and let the paper ball dried. After the paper ball dried, you can squeeze them out. The hamster bedding is ready to use. See also Popular Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Playing Indoors

3. Use your creativity

You can use your creativity to make some of the DIY hamster’s toys. First, you have to choose what toys you will make. Then, gathering all the ingredients that you needed. For an example, you want to make a ladder from your lovely hamster. In here you will need some of the stick ice creams. Put all of your stick ice creams in a bowl then soak all of them in a water. Then, dried it well and stick it with non-toxic glue. In here you can make a ladder with your own creativity. Place the ladder in its cage. See, your hamster loves this.

4. Choices the right food for your hamster.

The right food for your hamster is a food that has protein and carbohydrate. The protein is in the foods such as eggs, mealworms, and fish liver oil. Otherwise, the carbohydrate is in the foods such as nuts, dried corn, brown rice, green beans, sunflower seeds, and many more. Both of these foods you should give to your hamster with a proper schedule. You can make a schedule of feeding time for your hamster. This day you feed them with nuts then another day you can feed them with mealworms. Hamster is not allowed to eat any food that flavors, strong smells and any fruit that citrus. See also Tips to Take Care Of Mother Dog After Giving Birth

5. Your hamster need drinks too

Notice this, your hamster needs to have water daily. Hamster also drinks in 10 to 30 milliliters of water in every day. Give them fresh water as you always drink. It is good for its health. The heavy activity that does by hamster is making them dehydrated. So, that is why you must give them a fresh water daily. Some hamster owner drops some liquid vitamins in its water bottle. It is due to keeping their hamster away from any disease.

6. Keep your hamster in a safe place

What are the criteria of the safe place for the hamster? First, the place is must be quite. Second, there are no predatory animals, such as cat or dog. Place it on the table in your bedroom. And the last, the place is away from any direct sunlight. If you have a child, you must encourage him or her to stay calm and quiet. You may give a lesson on how to be good around the hamster cage and how to handle a hamster in a proper way. With these ways, your child will know how is caring for a hamster at home. See also Tips On How To Take Care Of A Puppy At Night Time

7. Make a schedule of clean the hamster cage

The basic tips to be a good hamster owner are to keeps their health with clean their cage. The dirty cage is very harmful to the hamster. Your hamster will be affected by several diseases. Please to watch out your hamster cage daily. If the cage looks dirty and it has bad smells of ammonia, you should quick to clean it. It does not take a long time to clean their cage. So, make the schedule of clean your hamster cage at least once a week. Do this schedule properly.

8. Check for their supplies

Please to check their supplies; foods, water, vitamins and wood shaving (hamster bedding) every day. Make it sure you have all the supplies stored well. Make a checklist of the hamster supplies and attach it to the cupboard. This way will help you remembered. If there is a one of supply will run down, you can get them quickly at a pet store. See also Must Know Tips for Raising Orphaned Kittens

9. Have fun with your hamster

Have fun with your hamster, why not? Make it sure, before you play with your hamster you should wash your hands first. If you a beginner and you want to have fun with your little fella, you should do this. Give it your finger and let your hamster sniff your hand. If you afraid, you can feed your hamster in your hands. Your hamster will know you are the real owner. Let your hamster play in your hands, you will see how adorable is your hamster.

10. Watch out of your hamster

Watch out of your hamster if they show some symptoms like this. Your hamster does not move ever in a whole day, its eyes half closed and the ears are falling, the hairs are falling out, your hamster becomes thin and even its nose is watery. It looks like your hamster is sick. So, give the first aid to them and immediately take your hamster to the doctor for the best solution. See also Tips to Exercising your Siberian Husky During Summer

Hopefully, the 10 basic tips to be a good hamster owner may be useful for all of you the hamster lover. Take care your hamster with properly ways. Treat them in a good way and train your hamster being a good hamster. These ways will make you being a good hamster owner.