4 Smartest Animals on Earth

Each type of animal is unique in its own ways. Maybe you have known about the fastest animals on Earth as well as the slowest animals on Earth. Well what if today we tell you that even animals can be smart too, The intelligence of an animal can be measured in different ways.

But it is mostly how they are able to do problem-solving skills as well as show traits that they can communicate well. These are the categories in which we will be measuring the smartest animals on Earth by. So make sure you get your reading glasses ready and enjoy this article.

What does Smart Mean to Animals?

Animals also has a brain and it is capable of making decisions. Most of these decisions are based off of needs instead of choices. But there are a handful amount of animals that is actually slight.

These animals are able to trick of predators or even their preys. So be sure to read these animals so that you can learn more about the smartest animals on Earth.

Let’s check these smartest animals on Earth down below!

  • Chimpanzees

Studying various types of primates, especially large primates, is the key to knowing human life in ancient times. Likewise, chimpanzees have the same DNA with humans up to 98 percent. They are considered some of the smartest animals in the world.

Large primates are indeed highly intelligent animals, but the highest among these primates are chimpanzees.

Chimpanzees have the ability to use simple tools such as using twigs to lure ants from their nests. This is because they know that ants can bite if they are held directly. In addition, they can also use stones to open the tough peanut shells. This makes them a pet that everyone is hunting for. Hence its status is named as an endangered primates.

Not only have the ability to use simple tools, chimpanzees also have empathy, altruism, and self-awareness. These things can only be possessed by beings with high intelligence. That’s why chimpanzee is one of the animals that can mourn.

Call it the ability to remember, because they use a type of photographic memory, which can allow them to see an image and remember it. There are so many similarities between humans and chimpanzees. Hence they are able to have a lot of similar traits with us humans.

  • Crows

Crows are one of the scariest birds of all. They are famously known to symbolize death. Just like dolphins and chimpanzees, ravens can also use tools and have sufficient intelligence to solve problems. They are also considered as one of the famous nocturnal animals in the world.

A video from The New York Times above shows a crow trying to grab food from a tube filled with water. To take food from the deep tube, the crow dropped a stone into it so that the volume of water increased and he could easily take food from the tube.

Even when required to choose between using a heavy object or a light object to pick up their food, ravens could choose between the two. This made crows a very smart animal.

  • Dolphin

Dolphins have been proven to be intelligent animals. They can recognize themselves in the mirror and communicate with each other. Dolphins is one of the fastest swimming animals there ever is.

Dolphins’ brains are structured for awareness and emotion, and their brains are even more structurally complex than humans.

The smartest animal in the world is the first dolphin. These aquatic mammals have the ability to recognize themselves. This was proven through a test conducted by scientists through a mirror.

In the test, it was seen that the dolphin managed to recognize itself. Interestingly, many other animals do not pass this test, and think that their reflection in the mirror is alien. Some even run away, and try to fight their own shadows.

This clearly shows that they are able to have a good visual skill. Hence making them one of the smartest animals on Earth. Dolphins can easily communicate with humans too. If you have ever been to an ocean park or a marine theme park, then you can find attractions from dolphins.

  • Octopus

The next smartest animal in the world is the octopus. Animals that also live in the high seas also have extraordinary intelligence. Often times they are a deep sea creature that lurks on the bottom of the ocean.

In fact, for animals in the category of invertebrates or animals without a backbone, octopus is the smartest animal. Octopuses move very agile and are able to escape even in an aquarium.

Octopus is also known as an animal that has a high curiosity, and can solve a puzzle game for you. To protect themselves from threats at sea, octopuses often use coconut shells as their shields.

  • Mice

Rats are considered to spread disease, so rats have a bad reputation, but did you know that rats are very intelligent creatures? A well-kept mouse can even be trained like a dog, such as how to grab food or roll over.

The ability of mice to solve problems has also been proven by many scientific studies, such as mice that complete mazes by being rewarded with food. However, certain mice are better at solving mazes than others, which also implies that there is a variety of intelligence among rodents.

Rats are animals with a high degree of adaptation. These animals can live in areas with high radiation and are able to build immunity against a number of toxins. High reproductive ability makes these rodents able to reproduce very quickly. In a year, one mouse can give birth to five times a year, with 6-10 cubs per pregnancy.

At three months of age, the pups are ready to reproduce. Rats are also capable of transmitting various diseases such as bubonic plague, leptospirosis, diarrhea, fever, and food poisoning. In fact, germs in dry rat droppings can spread and stick to household food.

Therefore, protecting the house from “attack” rats is a must. Make sure to always keep the house clean, especially in the kitchen and back garden. Every night, make an effort to throw trash out of the house and don’t let anything be left behind.

That is all about today’s article. We hope this might help you and understand the world’s smartest animals. You can read more about our articles such as dangerous marine animals as well as other unique animals. Thank you for reading and see you next time!