7 Steps to Correctly Apply Eye Drops to Cat

Did you have a cat in your house? If it yes, have it ever has an eyes diseases? Or have you ever gives your cat eye drops medicine to heal its eyes problem? And if it yes, is it already correct when you apply it? Well, all these question relations with our theme’s explanation now. Basically give an eye drops is important thing for the owner. That’s because the eye drops is not always for cure eye disease but also as supplement or vaccine. The health of our cat is important thing, right? So you need to give them vaccine to help you for keep its health. You probably have a hard time during apply the eye drops to your cat. Here are 7 steps to correctly apply eye drops to cat.

Before it explained deeply about the topic, you need to know that maybe in this step you need a help from other person to help you give the eye drops. That’s because there are not cat which want to be hanged when big water drops to its eyes. That will make you to take him into vet just for apply the eye drops. That’s totally right if you really need their help. But some people feel that it can be doing by home. So here the correctly steps to apply eye drops to cat if you want to do it by yourself:

  • Hang the cat

Hang the cat above your thigh. Your skill to hang your cat is really contributes in this step. When your cat lay down softly in your thigh, place your one hand over its body to hang its move. You can be sitting down in anywhere like sofa, chair, bed, table, and etc. Your better use your non-dominant hand to hang the cat. For example if you use right hand, use the left one to hang the cat. If you feel that your cat wants to claw you, pack your cat with towel until the leave for head. If you want to try sitting in the floor but you can’t hang the cat, try to setting the position until your cat is pressed between your feet and can’t be anywhere.

  • Placed the cat above the table or higher surface

Maybe the higher place helps you to give eye drops. If the surface is slippery, use the towel as a based to avoid your cat slipped.

  • Setting the position of cat head

You need to hang your cat using your non-dominant hand. Place your thumb in jawline of your cat and your finger in the other side. From that step, the cat head should be hugged strongly in your hand which is under its chin. Tilt it the head to top to makes you easier to drop the liquid.

  • Clean up its eye

To make the liquid works perfectly, the cat eyes should be clean from left substance. If you needed, clean up the eye cat using by give it a little cleanser liquid. Place it in the cotton and swipe it around the cat eyes. The cleanser is usually giving by vet with the eye drops together.

  • Open the eye cat

Use your non-dominant thumb to pull the petal. After it opened, it will appear a small pocket which is can to drop the liquid. Even though the eye drops is simple, it shouldn’t be drop to the pocket of eye. The eye drop will spread in cat eye. That’s why you don’t need to be worry with location where you drop the liquid.

  • Set the end of liquid bottle above your cat eyes

Hold the end of bottle around 2 centimeters above your cat eyes. The end of liquid bottle can’t be touched with eye cat. Your cat eye is not only inflammation but the end of liquid bottle is also contaminated. If you want, strike the bottle liquid to the pocket which is made with your thumb. It is maybe help if you leaning your dominant hand to your cat head. It will make you possible to strike the drop correctly and avoid the bottle liquid touched the cat eyes accidentally. Don’t forget to place the cover in the clean space.

  • Give the eye drop

Press the bottle as quick as you can into the cat eye. It must be suitable with your vet instruction as wrote in the recipe. If the eyes need be drop, repeat the same procedure to drop the liquid to other eye. If your cat is restless, try again when your cat is already calmer than before. Don’t force to drop the liquid because the cat eye will accidentaly touched with the bottle.

Something you have to do after give your cat an eye drops

Even your cat is calm when you drop the liquid probably your cat is restless after the eye drops giving. In the fact, cat will start to swipe its eye. Cat should be hanged softly until the liquid works perfectly and absorb deeply inside over the cat eye.

  • Don’t massage the eye cat

Maybe you think that the liquid will be work faster if you massage your cat eye. But the liquid automatically spread after it drops over an object. This method is not supported by medically sight.

  • Give snack for them

The best way to distract its attention after give an eye drops is using tasty snack. Your cat will like tasty snack like a slice of tuna after be patient during eye drops giving process. You can manage the time of giving the eye drops with eat time either in order to give it reward after its eye cured. Your cat maybe needs to be cure a view times per day, so use the snack effectively. Don’t make your cat full every eye drops giving.

  • Look over uncomfortable symptom in your cat

The eye drops is usually uncomfortable to the cat. Cat usually will be blink after you give the eye drops. But if the liquid is really ruin your cat moreover it uses its foot to swipe its eye, you need to call your vet. That’s because your cat is really ruined with the eye drops that you giving.


  • Give your cat an eye drop is really challenging. Keep it try if the steps above is not work on you.
  • Ask suggest from your vet if your cat fights you when you try to drop the liquid.
  • Invite your friend to helps you to hang your cat when you think you need someone help.
  • Eye discharge is really quick to heal. Even there is no symptom of healing appear, keep give the eye drops to your cat as your vet instruction.
  • Don’t give human eye drops liquid to your cat. That’s because it is not formulated for animal.
  • Your cat can bite or claw you during eye dropping process. Keep your cat packed with towel to avoid you.
  • If you are beginner, you must be know how to treat your cat well
  • If your have feral cat, you must be know how to treat them well