3 Effects of Castration on Problem Behaviors in Male Dogs

After we learn about the benefit of male dog castration, surely now we understand how important a castration for your male dog or puppy. But do you know that the benefit are not limited to medical benefit or environment benefit as we discussed before. We all know that behavior are sometimes affected by biological and chemical aspects, it is almost the same in most of living organism. A male dog or puppy that has been castrated will experienced behavioral changes especially from negative behavior that causing problem to a more better behavior. Just like a female dog that has issue and behavioral change whenever they are in heat. Please keep in mind that castration will solve problem behavior on male dog that caused only by male hormones. Problem behavior because of other issue cannot be fixed by castration. There are some myths related with problem behavior solved by castration among others are: making your dog more calm, easier to train, and making it more fat or lazy. Now let us move to the real benefit of castration that related with problem behavior.

  • Excessive Sexual Activity

If you have a dog that hasn’t been neutered in your house, do you notice any odd behaviors? One of the most common behavior that indicates excessive sexual activity is humping. Humping or mounting is a sign of excessive sexual desire of your dog. Humping is a form of self pleasuring for dogs and it may caused discomfort for other dogs with no sexual desire. You may notice that your dog can also hump inanimate objects, this is an unhealthy behavior an aesthetically disturbing. A dog with excessive sexual activity can also disturb other female dog especially a female dog in heat. Dog with this typical behavior usually move aggressively against other female dog and they will act even more aggressive toward another male dog in the area. They will assume other male dog as their sexual rival. This behavior will make your house so screwed up  and it can cause physical injury or death even worse if the aggressive behavior turn into a fierce fight. Read also Side Effects of Neutering Your Pet Dog

Neutering your dog will reduce all of behaviors caused by excessive sexual activity because it will remove the main catalyst of this behavior which is testosterone. A neutered dog will act normally even when a female dog in heat. However a neutered dog still have a little sexual desire and may encounter sexual activity with other female dog, however its sexual activity will be less frequent than a dog that hasn’t been neutered. In case of humping behavior we will have a different result. It will not disappear immediately after your dog has been neutered. A humping behavior will stay if your dog has already saw humping as a routine behavior. You need another approach to completely remove this issue.

  • Urine Marking

Urine marking is a natural behavior in every dog. They usually do it by urinating small amounts on vertical surfaces like a tree, post, and other form of vertical surfaces. They can do urine marking literally everywhere like in your yard, when you take them on a walk, in a park, and even inside your house. A normal dog usually do urine marking because of several reasons: show of dominance, sexual behavior, and marking new area that never been visited before. In case of marking new area, you cannot control this behavior by neutering your dog because this is not hormone related behavior. If a dog do an excessive urine marking whenever there is another dog (both male or female) we can see that is a sign of aggression or excessive sexual activity, and this is a bad behavior that can be corrected by neutering your dog. A dog with a load of testosterone has a high potential of excessive urine marking, this can be an issue for your home hygiene.

  • Temper

We often see a dog that is calm by nature and another dog that is so aggressive especially to another dog. An aggressive dog is a danger to itself and to other dogs, it can be a danger to their human too. In case of aggressive dog we must see the cause of its aggressive behavior, there are so many factors here. Among the many causative factors of temper, a high testosterone level is playing an important part of a dog temper, especially whenever mating season is come. Have you ever notice in some time of the year your dog become more aggressive to other dog especially male dog? That is a sign of aggressive behavior caused by testosterone level. If you neuter your dog, then the testosterone level will go lower and will reduce the temper of your dog.

Well, you already seen all behavior problem that can be fixed by castrating your male dog, from disturbing to hazardous. Castrating your dog will solve most of your dog behavior problem and with other benefits that has mentioned before, now you can see so many benefits by just simply castrating your dog.