How to Treat Eye Discharge in Cat Naturally

Eye discharge in cat is usually caused by bacteria, dust allergy, virus, maggots and tumor. If it is not cure as soon as possible, your cat will be blind. The problem eye cat will make some liquids out from its eye and make a dirt pile. You can take home remedy using natural ingredients to treat eye discharge in your cat. This method is used as first aid, if you think you need help from vet you better call it as soon as possible. Here some ways to treat eye discharge in cat naturally.

  • Salt water

Have your ever think that salt water can be used to treat eye discharge in your cat? Well that’s the fact. Salt contained some chemicals which is can be used as natural antiseptic. Before you drop the medicine to your cat eye, you need to clean it up to remove the dust. You can use salt water to remove it if you can’t find the antiseptic which is safe to your cat. Wet the cotton with water which already added by little of salt. You don’t need to add more salt because the more salt contained in that water that will be hurt the cat eye. After make a liquid of salt water then swipe it up to your cat eye. You must be careful because it may be hurt your cat eye. Swipe it softly to the dust area only and make sure the salt water is not getting inside to your cat eye. Swipe it softly and don’t forget to hang your cat strongly. Make sure that the cotton which is contained salt water is not getting inside to your cat eye, because if you are not focus, it will hurt your cat accidentally.

  • Green tea

If you a green tea lovers and had a trouble-eye-cat, you should share your green tea to your cat. Green tea has benefits as similar as eye drop medicine. Chamomile and other natural tea can used to heal the eye discharge in cat. You just need to brew the tea pack in hot water as usual. Dip the cotton inside it to absorb the liquid. After that, drop the green tea liquid over the eye discharge. Remember, you don’t need to add sugar to the liquid. Stop this method if your cat is not comfortable and the symptom is getting worst. If the symptom is getting worst that means that it is not work perfectly and wrong solution.

  • Apple vinegar

An animal vet in United State of America proves that apple vinegar effectively to heal eye discharge in cat moreover to raise cat appetite. Apple vinegar is already known as healer of some problem to creature life. Both of human and animal can use it. For eye discharge in cat, mix a table spoon of apple vinegar with table spoon water. After that, dip the cotton over the mixed liquid and then swipe it in your cat eye. Be careful when you use this method because the smell of apple vinegar is really strong. To animal which is has ability smells from long distance, the smell of apple vinegar is really ruin the cat. You maybe just wet the corner of cotton to avoid the smell inhaled by your cat. You can swipe your cat eye from behind to avoid the wet cotton and your cat nose.

  • Lemon juice

The infection of cat eye can be healed by using lemon juice. But this method can be used if infection is happened, not with inflammation (red eye). Just mix 2 table spoon of hot water with 5 drops fresh lemon juice. Dip the cotton inside the liquid and drop it 4 until 5 drops for every eyes. Repeat this method 2 until 3 times per day until the symptom is getting weak. Stop this method if you see that the symptom is getting worst. Make sure to mix the liquid well to avoid the liquid hurts your cat eye.

  • Bilberry or Blueberry

Bilberry or blueberry is not just healthy fruit for human, but also can used to heal the eye discharge in cat like red eye, itchy, smoky, etc. That’s because it contained antioxidants and flavonoid which is important to build up capillaries, reduce the platelet clumping, reduce the sugar levels that have the potential to cause diabetes in cats and eliminate bacteria that cause eye disorders. For doses in cat, you can give ¼ capsule of blueberry extract until the eye discharge can be cured.

  • Antibiotics

Antibiotic is not only used for remove the fungus in your cat, but there are some special antibiotic which can you giving to your cat to heal the eye discharge. The vet will recipe the antibiotic to heal eye infection to your cat shapes as eye drop medicine or ointment which is usually used as 3 until 4 times a day. Besides, oral antibiotic also probably will giving to mixed inside of cat food. To apply this method to your cat, it is considered with the type of the antibiotics. Mainly, the apply method is different one each other as suit as the type.


Here are general steps that you should be done before choose the strategy to treat eye discharge in your cat naturally:

  • Take away your cat in different cage

To avoid the transmission of eye discharge, take away your problem-eye-cat into different cage. Eye discharge is easily transmitted in other cat, so prevent is better than let it spread.

  • Install the Elizabethan Collar to your cat

This tool is usable to avoid the cat scratch its face area during heal process. If you don’t installed, your cat will scratch its eye to remove the natural liquid which is had been already giving to them. This tool also usable to avoid the eye discharge is getting worst.

Not every method above is suitable with your cat eye discharge. You better observe it first and after that choose the right method to give to your cat. It doesn’t matter if your wrong in choose the natural ingredient. You can stop it as soon as possible if you think the symptom is not getting well.

  • Be patient

During treat the sick pet, you need to be more patient and keep your eye to them. Pay attention to all smallest symptom which is appear in your cat during naturally healing time. If you needed, consul it with your trusted vet to avoiding the failure of natural method chooses. For you who beginners, don’t need to worry because we can help to inform you.

  • Call your vet if all methods doesn’t work

Don’t need to worry to call the vet to heal your cat. Basically, vet has skill to diagnosis the type of your eye discharge cat and how to fix it. All natural ingredients had both positive and negative impact to your cat. Not every natural ingredient works to your cat-problem moreover eye discharge. Remember to call your vet if no one method is work. The safety of your cat is the highest point.