3 Steps to Take Care of Cat’s Fur at Home Effectively (Include bathing tips!)

A thick, lustrous cat’s fur is a sign of good health, beautiful, a delight to touch, and supremely functional. Cat’s has as many as 130.000 furs per square inch of its fur. Its fur functions giving a cat sensory data, protecting it from heat and cold, and manufacturing a cat vital nutrients (vitamin D). Proper nutrients, diet, and treatment will help keep your cat’s fur healthy whether it is long-haired or short-haired variations. However, as meticulous as you treat your cat’s treasure, sometimes once in a while your cat’s fur can be tangled or losing its shine. Cat loves to play in many places. Therefore, cat’s fur can end up on furniture, curtain, floor, carpet, and our clothes. Here are 3 steps to take care of cats fur at home effectively:

1. Feed your cat a healthy diet

Proper and healthy diet plays a big role in making your cat’s fur soft and shiny. If you fed your cat with a complete, balanced diet, and drinking enough water your cat’s fur should be soft and shiny. On the other hand, if your cat lack of healthy diet and dehydrated, your cat’s fur will be dull, matted, getting dandruff, losing of hairs, even it can be oily fur. It is so disgusting. A cat’s skin and fur reflect what if going on inside its body. To ensure diet quality,  you can look for a cat food with a label showing that it has been certified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

Among other feline family, cat needs much more protein. It also need low-carbohydrate, and healthy diet for maintaining its body and fur. A low-fat diet, or consists mostly of generic, poor-quality foods will definitely cause a poor-quality fur. Moreover, for a soft and shiny fur for your cat, you can try supplementing with fatty acid supplements hence they are anti-inflammatory. It can help with skin and fur problems. This supplements you can find in salmon or other fish oils. If you have fed and groomed your cat according to its needs, but its fur is still dull, coarse, or brittle, talk to your veterinarian about these conditions. Your veterinarian will help you to find the causes. Some health problems, such as parasites, cancer, obesity, or stress can affect the appearance of your cat’s fur.

2. Brushing your cat’s fur

Grooming your cat is the best time to beautify your cat’s fur. Regular cat’s brushing will stop loose hairs, dirt, tangled, and greases. Moreover, it helps to remove cat’s skin flakes, stimulates blood circulation smoothly, and improves the overall condition of her skin. Brushing help produces natural oils of your cat’s skin throughout its fur as well. These natural oils will maintain your cat’s fur naturally. In addition, it can increase the slickness and shininess of your cat’s fur. Once or twice brushing per week will keep your cat’s fur healthy, glow, and looks so yummy to touch. Before brushing your cat, you should check your cat’s fur and skin condition first. If they are healthy there in no tangled hair, fleas, ticks, have natural gloss, and her skin should be free from wound.

To brush your cat’s fur you will need a quality general brush, a steel comb, and rubber brush. All of these should be appropriate with your cat’s need. Long-haired fur need to be brushed once every few days even it can be every day, while short-haired cats may only need grooming once a week.

You can start by using general brush, stroke your cat’s fur softly, begin from head to nail. Next, use steel comb, it functions for removing dirt on your cat’s fur. Last, use rubber brushing for removing loose hairs of your cat.

3. Bathing your cat

Do cats need a bath? Sometimes they need it. Cats are generally clean animals, they sometimes get into unexpected things, such as soaking in the mood. Hence, it is a necessary for bathing your cat. In our society, myth about cats hates water, may be this thought is true for some. On the other hand, cats absolutely love and enjoy water in the tub.

Before you start to put your cat in the tub and turn on facet, make sure you have prepared all your cats’ needs for bathing. It is going to be so crazy when you are bathing your cat, you will leave the room for taking some bathing equipment. please, trust in me. You seriously find your cat is gone when you return. Here are some bathing equipment you should prepare, namely cat-friendly shampoo (adjust with your cat’s need), towels, brush, comb, pitcher,  rubber mat to place in tub, so your cat will not slip and fall. You can follow these step by step instructions for bathing your cat:

  1. Fill the tub with approximately four inches of warm water. Make sure that you have checked the water temperature before you place your cat. You do not want the water to be too hot, or your cat will become angry and uncomfortable. May be your cat will think that you will burn him. Once more, check the water temperature first.
  2. Bathing Time!!! You should get your cat into the bathroom first, then shut the door immediately. Yes, it is true your cat will take every opportunity to escape. Therefore, you should be calm throughout the bathing process. The more stressed out you become, the more stressed out your cat will become. Keep calm, don’t panic.
  3. Wet your cat’s fur (down the skin). Next, pour cat shampoo on his body. Use your hand to gently rub the shampoo into the fur. Rinse it with water. Then, you can use conditioner to make your cats’ fur softer and smoother. Once again, rub it gently ‘till your cat cleaned. Rinse it with water again. It is very important that you do not leave any soap behind. As it can make your cat’s skin irritate, causing him to scratch. He may also lick off some of the left-over soap. It is dangerous enough for it as it may cause stomach upset, depending on how much he actually eats. It is better to rinse it clearly.
  4. Dry your cat. After your cat well-rinsed, remove it from bath. Use a warm towel, blot its tail and legs to remove extra water. Wrap your cat with towel to dry its body. Keep it warm until it dry.
  5. Brush it if necessary.

Those are 3 steps to take care of cats fur at home effectively. It is so pleasant starring your cat with soft and shiny fur, delicate to touch, to and make your more love it.

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