How Can Fish Oil Help Combat Civet Shedding

With their endearing personalities and adorable looks, civets is one wild animal that people has come into the liking enough to adopt. These furry friends are omnivorous by nature and loves to feed on fruits. However, despite their seemingly low maintenance care, civets are still prone to diseases when they’re untreated or do not receive […]

6 Tips to start breed chicken easily

Here we are again! Talking about chicken somehow is endless topic to enclose. Most people are made confuse when being asked which one come out first whether chicken or egg? Do not worry, I would never ask kind of query to you. So relax buddies…. 🙂 The most things for everyone who would start running […]

How To Take Care of Chicken in The Winter

Winter is coming… Everyone ready to pack anything on the house. Lots of meat, fresh vegetables supplies, wine and water bottles, jackets, sweaters, mitten, socks and etc. Do you forget something? Yup…your pets….you have one right?  Your living little creatures that peck. The flock of chicken that live on your backyard need to be more […]

6 Important Tips to Take Care and Keep Clean your Siberian Husky Coat

Taking care and keeping clean your Siberian husky’s coat is essential to for their health and happiness. Owning a Siberian husky mean there is no way you didn’t not have husky’s fur all over your place, and one thing that challenge you as the new Siberian husky owner is how to take care and keep  […]

6 Tips to Make Your Cat’s Fur Shiny, Soft and Smooth

You may wonder why your cat’s fur becomes unattractive, dull and dry compared to your friends’ or relatives’ glossy cats. Some causes play a part in preventing this four-legged animal’s hair from producing the desired result of a healthy coat. Most vets will relate the issue to the lack of nourishment, mainly protein and fat, […]

6 Tips to Make Your Cat’s Fur Grow Thicker Without Side Effect

Had you hugged your cat between arms and find an enormous amount of hair glued to your cloth afterward? If it happened, your cat might suffer some furry issue that can possibly affect your cat’s well-being. Although cat’s hair, mainly the longhaired one, is prone to loosen, what is considered ‘normal’ will not generate a […]

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Brushing A Cat for Beginners

Cat likes to keep himself hygiene and takes half of his waking time to groom his hair, either directly using his barbed tongue or paws that have been damped by his saliva. Even that, cat’s capability to clean himself has its limitation. For this reason, it is necessary for the cat owner to give further […]

Important to know! 2 ways to properly brush your cat

Cat is known for its obsession with self-cleaning and will instinctively groom herself nearly the entire day. Despite that, we cannot rely on the cat alone when it comes to the brushing. Your cat cannot handle some issues like fleas or excessive hair on her own. Thus, it is your job to aid the pet’s […]

6 Tips of How to Pet Siberian Husky at Home for Beginners

Siberian husky is a medium size working dog with a beautiful thick coat that comes in a multitude of colours and markings. They are one of popular breed that people adopted as their long life companion, their friendly temperament and easy grooming are few reason why they are great to be pet. Husky are very […]

3 Steps to Take Care of Cat’s Fur at Home Effectively (Include bathing tips!)

A thick, lustrous cat’s fur is a sign of good health, beautiful, a delight to touch, and supremely functional. Cat’s has as many as 130.000 furs per square inch of its fur. Its fur functions giving a cat sensory data, protecting it from heat and cold, and manufacturing a cat vital nutrients (vitamin D). Proper […]