Does Baby Bunny Rabbit have The Same Cares with The Baby Rabbit

Does baby bunny rabbit have the same cares with the baby rabbit? A lot of people asked this question because they were confused to differentiate between rabbit and bunny. Bunny rabbit and rabbit are popular small pet animals. Rabbits have many species, such as Rex Mix Rabbit, Pygmy rabbit, Angora rabbit, Flemish Giant rabbit and many more. I think, no need to mention anymore the reason why people love these animal – yes, they were are absolutely adorable and sweet creatures.

They are safe around children, and didn’t take much space inside your house. Rabbits and bunnies are also live among the wildlife. Yes, these wild rabbits and bunnies are often seen visited people’s house and sometime did a little bit naughty business messing up with people’s gardens and yards. However, the cares of rabbits are quite easy: all you have to do is supplies rabbit needs of rabbit cage, toys, and healthy fresh hays and grasses. Okay, these was the requirement of an adult rabbit or bunny, but what should we do if the rabbit or bunny are still a baby?

The cares for adult and baby is totally different. How is that so? The first live of baby rabbit is the most fragile compare to other ages. It was the developing period where all the system were made and arrange systematic – the stage of survival. I believe you won’t to mess it up – no one want. Back to the question: does baby bunny rabbit have the same cares with baby rabbit, the answer would come after we learn more about the difference between bunny and rabbit.

Rabbits & Bunnies

If you think that these two animals are from different species, then you’re totally wrong buddy. Let me tell you something, bunny is not a species but a term. The name bunny apparently was influenced with a long history. So, when to use the term rabbit and when to use the term of bunny? Be patient, because we would discuss it now, my friends.


The word rabbit is a noun; and it’s a call for a small mammal creature that we already knew as “rabbit”. The adorable furry creature adored by millions of peoples. They have small powerful hind legs, and two long straight up ears that become their one and only unique characteristic. Rabbit most of the time is referred to an adult one, but there are some other things that literally borrowed the name of rabbit as a term for that subject.

The example is a name of food, Welsh rabbit. Welsh rabbit is a name of toast and cheese that common around the U.K but contained with no rabbit meat at all. So, do not miss-interpret it as a “rabbit species” although – actually, it’s quite suitable as a species name. But, rabbit is totally different with hare, because both of them are different species with different type of features.


Now, we come to a term bunny. Although bunny was classified as another noun, but it’s not another species of animal – rather, it was another name for rabbit. The use of bunny ordinarily would be refers to a young rabbit and baby rabbit. But, if you make some scientific works, bunny is not a right term to use – at all. Furthermore, apparently, there’s a long story behind this “bunny” term that people used now days.

It start from early 17th century. During that period of time, bunny term was used to describe a young girl. But, over the time, the term bunny was spread wider and not just for female humans called, it also used to describe young animals. So, the conclusion is that both of them was used to describe rabbit: rabbit to called small mammal creature and bunny to called small rabbit. Are you get it now, folks?

So, to answer the question do baby rabbit and bunny have the same care treatment? It’s definitely yes – a hundred percent yes! A baby bunny is referred to a baby rabbit! However, just for you my friends, now we would show you how to care for a baby bunny rabbit.

How to Care for Baby Bunny Rabbit

  • Set Up Bunny Rabbit Equipment

For the safety of your kit, we recommend you to bunny-proof your house. Kitten has a high level of curiosity, they could jump to whatever they want and chew whatever they like. By bunny-proof your house, you would protect your kit to hurt themselves and destroy your things. One of the most important to bunny-proof is all the electronic cables, wires, and other dangerous spot.

Then, create a new habitat for you kitten. If you keep your kitten inside the house, then you could buy an indoor cage which available in most pet stores. But, you could buy or make a hutch if you prefer to keep your kitten outside. Make sure that the cage – especially the hutch was safe from any predators. Set the perfect temperature: for the indoor, put the cage in lightened place but can’t reach by direct contact of sun-light.

For the hutch, put some soft material such cloths or towel to keep your kitten warm during cold. Provide a shelter to hide themselves from sunlight was also important for the hutch. Then, don’t forget to give your kitten toys to have a very delightful day.

  • Feed The Kitten

If you’re looking for pellets, make sure you buy a high quality of pellets that contained 18% of fiber. Furthermore, a young rabbit is also consumed hay such as alfalfa, timothy hay, oat hay, and grass hay. These main foods should be able to access 24 hours. Another type of food that become a high nutritious source is vegetables. Give your bunny with leafy greens and roots – but, keep in mind, it’s only for an addition, not a main diet.

As treats, serve occasional some fruits such as apple, pineapple, and banana. The last thing you must also available 24 hours are water – fresh water. At any case if you notice the water has changed color of dirty, immediate replacement is needed.