Here are the Things You Should Do When Your Cat Won’t Eat

Have you ever experienced your cat doesn’t want to eat? Your cat seems to be not interested with the food you provide for it. Then you may start feeling worried and sad.

Most people think that if a cat doesn’t want to eat, then the cat must have digestive system problem or other problems that leads to lose of appetite.

There are some health problems that a cat can have due to loss of appetite or unwillingness to eat, such as mentioned in reasons of your cat’s sudden weight loss. Loss of appetite can lead to weight loss and it is a serious problem for cat.

As an owner, you need to find the root causes of your cat’s loss of appetite or sudden unwillingness to eat. Here are the explanation why your cat doesn’t want to eat: find out the reasons why.

  • Certain iIllness

As mentioned before, loss of appetite can be the indicator of something wrong in your cat’s body. Pay attention once your cat suddenly stops eating. Something as simple as toothache to something serious such as kidney failure can be the reasons why your cat doesn’t want to eat.

  • Vaccination

After vaccination, there are some other side effects. One of them is loss of appetite. However, it will only take a short time.

Your cat doesn’t want to eat might be because of the reaction to the shots. Despite its use of saving life from viruses, vaccination is one of the most common reasons why your cat does not want to eat.

Regarding to vaccination for cats, make sure your cats are vaccinated by these essential vaccines for cat.

  • Unfamiliar Surroundings

When your cat is not familiar with its surrounding, it will experience some sickness. The change of surroundings and environment might make it uncomfortable at first.

  • Psychological Reasons

Depression or anxiety can be the main reason of loss of appetite. When your cat is too sensitive and it experiences some changing in the household, then it will affect your cat’s emotion. Cats need a long time to adjust new type of food, so sudden change in diet can really bring huge effect.

What to do list to cats which don’t want to eat

After being aware of the reasons, now it’s time for you to know what to do. Here is the what-to-do list to your cat when it doesn’t want to eat.

  • Change the Diet

You need to work together with you vet to design the new diet for your cat if your cat is sick. Your vet will tell you to change the new type or consistency in your cat’s food. He/she might tell you to serve canned food for your cat when it is sick.

  • Stimulating Its Appetite Again

Liver and canned tuna are famous for stimulating cat’s appetite. Try to include these types of food in your cat’s meal.

However, you need to remember that these type of food are only stimulants not permanent. Don’t give exceeded number of liver and canned tuna as your cat might experience vitamin deficiency.

  • Upgrade Its Mood

When your cat is happy, then your cat is willing to eat what is served. Happy mind leads to happy tummy. Make sure that your cat is not depressed or sad by playing these 6 fun games to play with beloved cats. After playing games with your cat, have a try on feeding your cat with its food.

  • Rotating the Schedule

Rotating the schedule between one cat among brands as they might not be able to join it. This rotating schedule may help to minimize the development of food allergies and intestinal problems.

  • Mix it up a bit with Your Food

Eating together sounds fun! You can simply share your food with your cat’s food in a certain ratio. Then keep lowering the amount of human food mixed in the meal until your cat enjoys its food again.

  • Make the Food More Tasty

You can do some tips on how to make your cat food more tasty, such as:

  1. Add some water from a can of tuna or anchovies. Mix them together with their food.
  2. Warm the cat food into a microwave.
  3. Give them some baby smooth.
  4. Grated Parmesan cheese is helping your cats to taste with powder, as Parmesan cheese has salty and cheesy flavor that can trigger your cat’s interest and appetite.

If you plan to make something yummy for your cat, you can see the recipes of how to make a homemade cat food. They are healthy and yummy!

Handling a cat which doesn’t want to eat is not an easy job. You need to find out the root problem in your cat, then you can find the solutions to it. If you think you cannot handle it, please bring your cat to the vet. Vet is more professional and trusted.

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