5 Plants Not to Put in Your Fish Tank and Why

Keeping fish as a pet can be very exciting, especially when you prepare everything for your fish tank. You may want to make your fish tank as beautiful as you can by putting some decorations, either the natural or the artificial ones. Putting plants in your fish tank is a good idea because it has […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Let Your Pets Have Vegan Diet

Vegan diet nowadays is a very popular lifestyle. People start this campaign for the purpose of saving the world. Surprisingly, humans that practice vegan diet also apply this lifestyle to their pets, such as dogs and cats. This lifestyle is believed to be good for humans as it is cruelty-free, good for health and environment […]

2 Things To Observe When Differentiating a Venemous Snake

A once famous local musician – Irma – had passed from a snake bite from a snake of the Elapidae clan. Venemous snake bites could kill you instantly: as they inject poison directly to your bloodstreams. Though there are non venemous snakes, there are still some you’d have to avoid – as they could be […]