10 Ways To Raise a Healthy Chameleon

Who’s here familiar with the Chameleon? Chameleons are one unique species that takes a special kind of person to love and raise. They are best known for their colour changing features that blends them with their current backgrounds – a real treat to the eye. They are unique magical animals, but with such beauty comes […]

Tips on How to Raise Your Own Squirrels

Squirrels are no foreign animal that one for sure have recognise at some point of their lives. Squirrels mostly feed on nut and insects – and they belong to the Scuiridae family – along with chipmunks and many more. The Squirrel in itself have different subspecies as well – each having different features and different […]

Here are 4 most Famous Types of Deers

Deers has become a popular animal due to their unique and endearing features. They are also known by their ease to domesticate, as they make good backyard pets. World wide, they are recognised for their special horns that has become a distinctive feature of theirs that differentiates them from the rest. Despite being recognised for […]

List of Wild Animals That Live In The Amazon Forest

When people are asked to visualise forest life, most would immediately associate the habitat with the wild beasts living inside. However, the reality is not always in line with that – because some forest do not have wild animals living around the premises. In fact, there are only just a handful of untouched forest that […]

List of Animals Portrayed in The Lion King

The blockbuster remake of Disney’s 1994 The Lion King has captured the hearts of children and adults alike. With fans world wise, The Lion King franchise had also opened the hearts of many by raising their awareness to the wild life. We could say that viewers were not only able to enjoy the story plot […]

The Differences Between A Lion and A Tiger

Lions and Tiger are one of the most famous wild big cats to have existed. Though they are both carnivorous and lies at the top of the food chain, they have many differences that should not be overseen. They are both closely related to the Jaguars, Cheetah, and Snow Leopards, and do not have a […]

8 Interesting Facts about Hyena

Hyenas are not as common as their tiger and lion cousins – and some might even argue on where they are part of the feline, wolf, or dog family – but they are a prominent carnivore well recognised by unsuspecting preys. Hyenas are a part of the wolf family, and could be spot by from […]

The Distinctive Features Of A Polar Bear

Distinct for their large exteriors and thick furs, polar bears are a well known subspecies of the bear family. Their natural habitats are concentrated on chillier places up in the artic, and their furs blend in with their environment. Sound-wise, polar bears are impossible to distinguished from a honey bear’s roar – but that does […]

Basic First Aid to Treat Sick Rabbits

Rabbits are one of the most popular choices for domestic house pets for their endearing looks and personalities. These adorable animals are easily domesticated, which adds to their plus points that makes them so adoptable. With enough time and energy, you could train your rabbits to do just about anything. However, one thing that you […]

Foods You Could Provide For Your Anggora Rabbits

Rabbits are a widely popular pet choice for many households out there. These fluffy rodents are a part of the Leporidae family, and their natural habitats vary from across the globe. They’re well known for their impressive abilities to reproduce many offsprings at a speedy rate – animals like these are part of the Vivipar […]