5 Plants Not to Put in Your Fish Tank and Why

Keeping fish as a pet can be very exciting, especially when you prepare everything for your fish tank. You may want to make your fish tank as beautiful as you can by putting some decorations, either the natural or the artificial ones.

Putting plants in your fish tank is a good idea because it has lots of advantages. You can also read some amazing gigantic freswater fish to enrich your knowledge about fish. If you also think of keeping betta fish as a pet at home, ways to healthily feed your betta fishes might help you to decide the best food for it.

Firstly, by being surrounded by plants, your fish may feel comfortable as if they were in its natural habitat. Secondly, aquatic plants also help to remove some harmful gases and materials produced by your fish, such as ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Thirdly, aquatic plants, just like other plants, produce oxygen to make the fish survive. Another amazing benefit some plants can do to your fish tank is they can clean your fish tank. Regarding to this effect, you can read easy ways to clean your fish tanks so that you can clean your fish tank more effectively.

Aside from those four benefits mentioned above, it does not mean that you can put any plants inside your fish tank. You must do research on what type of plants that are suitable for your fish tank.

You can see If you have bought certain plants for your fish tanks, and found them died in your fish tank, it means that they are not suitable for living there. That’s why doing research on what type of plants for your fish tank is suitable as it might affect your fish’s lives as well.

Here is the 5 plants not to put in your fish tank and the reasons why. Check them out!

5 Plants Not to Put in Your Fish Tanks

Aquatic plants are living in water, but not all plants are suitable to be put in your fish tanks. You need to do research on what types of plants that can survive and be suitable for your fish tanks. It is not only about how the plants survive, but also whether it affects your fish’s lives.

  • Caladium

This plant might look familiar to you because of its heart-shaped and flashy leaves. You might see this type of plant in garden or nursery. This plant has various colors that make it beautiful.

Although it is known as terrestrial plant, but if it keeps growing submerged under water, it will die in couple of days or months. So, it is not recommended to be put in your fish tanks.

  • Crimson Ivy

This plant is originated from Indonesia. It has rough edges and a mixture of purple and rich green color. It requires a bright light and warm air and water condition.

Though it is pretty and looks easy to be taken care of, it is not suitable for being kept in a fish tank as it tends to die quickly when it is submerged for a long time under water.

  • Fountain Plant

As its name seems to appear related to “water”, but it is not that simple to put this plant in your fish tank. This plant has long, thin and attractive white edges and stripes.

This plant is known as an adaptable type of aquatic plant that can survive underwater for months, but it should be quickly removed when the leaves start to die. You should really pay attention to it.

  • Stardust Ivy

Stardust ivy is coming in various color with white vein, spot or frost. Its height can reach up to about a foot but mostly it is shorter. This plant is commonly known as a climbing houseplant and normally grow out of water, while some other can grow partially submerged with its root stays in water.

If you plan to plant this in your fish tank, a lot of care must be put. You have to make sure that the stem and leaves of this plant get enough air to breathe and get certain amount of light.

  • Striped Dragon Plant

This plant is known by its thick and tough leaves that has white or yellow edge. This plant is normally able to live partially submerged with its roots underwater, but it will end up dying if it is kept in your fish tank that means it is completely submerged.

Putting plants in your fish tank might turn out into a good idea as it will be beautiful and provide comfort for your fish, but it can be a bad idea as well. The remaining of the dead plants in the fish tank might not be good for the fish. Do research before deciding to put the plants inside your fish tank.

Besides considering what types of plant for your fish tank, there are other things you need to consider when keeping fish as pets, such as getting inspiration of aquariums from these designs and how papaya leaves beneficial for breeding catfishes. Those ideas will help you to be a fish owner better!