Is it safe to let my dog sleep outside at winter time?

A question that many dog owner often thought about it themselves. Should we let our dog sleep outside during winter? Or just let it sleep inside during winter? Is it okay for our dogs to sleep outside during the cold of winter? We are here to try to answer that question, so we have compiled […]

8 purrfect dog breeds to pet as outdoor dogs

Many people think that a dog can be trained to be excellent security outside of your house, so they can protect your house from unwanted people. It is true, that dog can be excellent security, since they have a very good sense of smelling and hearing so they can easily sniff out any thief that […]

Is it safe to leave an indoor dog stay outside at night?

Questions that many dog lover sometimes asked, Is it safe to leave an indoor dog stay outside at night? Or should we just let our dog sleep indoor forever? Well, if you are confused to choose whether to train your dog to sleep outside, or just to let them sleep inside then you have come […]

How to safely travel by car with your dog

Traveling with your dog can be very rewarding, and fun experience. It can be very memorable for you, your pooch and your family. Taking a trip on the beach in the heat of summer with your lovely dog and family members, taking a trip to the mountain, going camping with your dog, and many more […]

6 Important things you must not do when taking your dog swimming

Swimming is definitely one of the best exercises you can get for you and your dog. Not only that swimming has a lot of benefits for your dog, but swimming is also a natural for any dog. Any dog has a natural instinct for them to swim, so no wonder that some dog might naturally […]

4 Super benefits of taking your dog swimming

Does your dog love swimming? Swimming is a healthy exercise that can help your dog to have a healthy and strong body. Swimming can also help your dog to relax, and play, helping to increase their moods. There are a lot of benefits of taking your dog to swim swimming, like getting exercise and let […]

Are Vaccinated Dogs Safe From Rabies? Here is the answer

Rabies is one of the most notorious diseases that are transmitted through animal saliva. Animals that can be infected by rabies is mammals like bats, raccoons, skunks, and dogs. Rabies is a neurological disease that is transmitted through infected animals bite. Animals can infect other animal or animal can also infecting human with rabies. If […]

4 Facts You Might Not Know About Rabies On Dog

Rabies is one of the most notorious diseases that transmitted through dog saliva, and it is a viral disease that attacks and affects a central nervous system of its victim, and this disease can be very dangerous if didn’t treat quickly and properly. Although there are already many medicine and information about rabies disease, there […]

5 Worst Dog Myths You Probably Ever Heard as Dog Owner

If you are a dog owner, then you might ever hear one or few of these dog myths. There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding a dog, and their behavior from all around the world. Some of this dog myth might just hearsay, or stereotype that based on no scientific method or research. If you […]

5 Misconception About Keeping Dog As Pet At Home

A dog is a man best friend. A dog is a loyal creature, if trained well can provide you with security, a dog is also cute, and the dog can also become a lifelong companion. A dog is also one of the most popular pet to have at home and no wonder that there are […]