10 Ways on How to Prevent Hair Loss in Your Beloved Dog

Dogs that have beautiful hair are longed for dog lovers. However, not infrequently dogs often experience hair loss. In fact, some types of dogs experience hair loss throughout the year, such as Herder. Kintamani dogs, that are original breeds from Bali Island, also can experience hair loss throughout the year. Not only the weather and […]

How to Teach Your Dog Not Afraid of Other Dog

One day, in a beautiful morning under the clear sky, you decided to have a walk with your beloved dog to enjoy the morning sunshine. Everything goes smooth until another dog with all the excitement came in your way. Of course, you would happily welcome this new guest, but on a sudden your own dog […]

Here Are 10 Dog Behavior Problems You Should Know

Having dog as a pet in our live was a pleasant boon we could ever felt. Our dogs never fail to bring warm and love with everything they did, such a pure and innocent heart always pour in their deportment. But, we can’t lie either, somewhile they could be very naughty and annoying. It feels […]

4 Super benefits of taking your dog swimming

Does your dog love swimming? Swimming is a healthy exercise that can help your dog to have a healthy and strong body. Swimming can also help your dog to relax, and play, helping to increase their moods. There are a lot of benefits of taking your dog to swim swimming, like getting exercise and let […]

Common Dog Fears That Every Owner Must Know!

A lot of people questioning do dog could fear of something? The answer is yes. Dog could fear something just like human. Not only fears which projected from the external object, our dog could also develop fear from internal emotion, such trauma and phobia. This event could hit them hard and as an owner, it […]

2 Things You Probably Still Believe To Happen After A Dog Bite You

Have you heard about an old saying, a dog is a man best friend? As it said, a dog is a loyal creature, brave companion, can be very cute and fluffy to cuddle with. Although the dog is such a loyal creature, they’re still animal, which means they still have their animal instinct inside them. […]

4 Reasons Your Dog is Suddenly Lethargic and Weak

It is very easy to know that something is wrong when your usual energetic good dog is suddenly become tired, with no mood to play at all, and just want to lay down all day. Sometimes, a dog can get into lethargic state, a state where dog suddenly become lazy, tired, and don’t have any […]

2 Reasons Why Your Dog Always feel Sleepy

Sleep is a necessity for all the living things – this is one of the main priority – part of our body’s mechanism. Just like our mobile phone and others electronic object which is has to be recharge to fill its energy, our body – whether is animal or human – need a rest and […]

Is It Dangerous To Let Your Dog Sleeps All day?

Dog’s life are full of enjoyable moment – playing around, chasing some flying creature, and walking once a day with their beloved owner – it is their life – it is their adventure! That’s why – our dog need a proper and good bedtime every day, to recharge their energy and to make sure their […]

How To Help Your Dog To Get Rid Of Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies are the common disease that might interfere your dog. It could be something harmless – nonetheless – it also can lead you to something that possibility endanger the life of your dog – if you are not handle it quickly. There are some signs of the seasonal allergies you have to pay attention […]