How to safely travel by car with your dog

Traveling with your dog can be very rewarding, and fun experience. It can be very memorable for you, your pooch and your family. Taking a trip on the beach in the heat of summer with your lovely dog and family members, taking a trip to the mountain, going camping with your dog, and many more traveling ideas you can do with your family and dog. If you are traveling with your dog, especially you are traveling by car, then you might want to seek out some tips and information on how to safely travel by car with your dog. To make sure your trip is memorable, convenient, and comfortable for you, your family and your dog, make sure you know these steps on how to travel conveniently and comfortably with your lovely pooch.

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To keep it simple, we divide it into two sections: Preparations and on the wheels

  1. Preparations
  • Prepare on how you will restrain your dog


Traveling by car is a long way, and a long time you will sit in one place without doing anything, however, you need to keep a dog loose inside a car is very dangerous. Dog is a playful creature, and that’s why they can’t sit still for a long time inside a car. You need to prepare how you will restrain your dog.

The best way to restrain your dog during the long trip by car is by using a cage. This is the most convenient and easy way to restrain your dog during a car trip. Make sure the cage is comfortable, cool, and your dog stay hydrated and full. If you properly introduce cage to your dog, there will be no problem in restraining your dog using a cage while on a car trip.

If you just don’t want to put your dog in a cage, then there are actually many ways to make sure your dog and your family safe during a car trip. Dog seatbelt is a great tool to restrain your dog. Attach the seatbelt to harness, not on the collar of your dog to secure full body for your dog, and won’t damage their neck.

  • Don’ feed your dog right before your departure

This is to avoid your dog poop inside the car during the trip, which is very unpleasant for everyone inside the car. Make sure to feed your dog hours before the departure, so there is time for your dog to poop before you depart. This is also a good way to avoid your dog getting car sick from motion sickness during the car trip.

  • Try to tire out your dog before a car trip

A tired dog can get inside the cage fairly easier rather than fully rested dog. A tired dog will mostly sleep during the car trip since they’re tired, and sleep is also a good way to handle motion sickness during a car trip.

By exercising them before a car trip, you can make sure your dog is tired, and won’t make any trouble inside the car we want to avoid during the long trip by car.

  • Bring enough supplies and foods to keep your dog happy

Make sure you bring enough foods and drinks for your dog during the long car trip. You also need to bring out their favorite chew toys for your dog to play. Chew toy can help them overcome carsickness, and make sure to comfort them during a tiring and long car trip.

  1. On the wheels
  • Make sure your dog always well collar every time during a long car trip

No matter how close you are, and how well behaved your dog is, the dog sometimes has a tendency to run away during the long car trip. To make sure your dog is at least safer, make sure your dog always wears a collar. This way, if your dog is running away, anyone who finds it will be able to identify it and return your dog to you.

  • Try to take a break once in a while

Your dog can also be exhausted during the very long car trip, so make sure to take a break once in a while in a gas station, hotel and etc. During the breaks, make sure you give your dog foods, drinks, and let them play around, so they will come back tired. It is easier to travel by tired dog who will just sleep in the corner of your dog, rather than a full energy dog who can jump around in your car.

  • Never leave your dog inside a hot car on a hot day

This is a fatal mistake that literally can cost your dog’s life. A stopped car can get really hot inside it, especially in hot summer weather. Never ever leave your dog inside a stopped car with no windows open. It can get really hot inside a car, your dog can get fatal heatstroke and it can result in death.

If you are stopping to get something to eat, make sure to park your car in shade, leave your dog inside your car but always open up a few inches of windows to let air flow through. Leave a bowl of water for your dog, unbuckle it from dog seats. You can also just let your dog outside of the car. Tie it on the post with secure knots, or just bring out your dog so you can watch it yourself.

If this is your first time traveling with your dog by car, then you need to know, that it can be inconvenient, and needs a lot of things to consider and make sure everything is ready, since there are many preparations you need to do for your dog. These steps on how to travel safely and comfortably with your dog come from the people opinion, tips, and tricks from vets and experienced dog owners. These steps could surely help you to have a safe trip and a comfortable trip for you and your lovely pooch. That’s it from us how to safely travel by car with your dog article, for now.