Is it safe to let my dog sleep outside at winter time?

A question that many dog owner often thought about it themselves. Should we let our dog sleep outside during winter? Or just let it sleep inside during winter? Is it okay for our dogs to sleep outside during the cold of winter? We are here to try to answer that question, so we have compiled many relevant data to answer this question. We hope that the article we have compiled could help you become the best master for your lovely dog.

Dog owners are debating whether we should let our dog sleep outside in the first place. Many people think that it is natural for a dog to sleep outside, and some people would think that it is inhuman and quite harsh for their dog to sleep outside. Each side of opinion comes from quite biased information from all around the world. We have done what we can to avoid any biased information and compiled many trusted facts about this matter.

Many dog owners are debating whether is it okay to let the dog sleep outside, especially during winter. Many believe that it is okay as long as we have provided them with warmth and shelters, and many refuse to let their dog sleep outside during winter, and should always let our dog sleep inside during winter. So which is the right answer? And how we should treat our dog during winter?

The key to answering this answer is the breed of your dog and providing a shelter for your dog. So, back to the question, Is it safe to let my dog sleep outside at winter time? We will try to answer it as best as we can, so hang on tight, and let’s start our discussion right away then.

Consider on your dog breed before letting them sleep outside during winter

What dog do you have? If you have a dog breed that builds in for physical activities and can withstand any cold weather like Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute or German Shepherd it might be okay for them to sleep outside, even during winter. Some dog breed is very hardy and can easily withstand any cold weather. Even dog breed like Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute is the common dog you can found all around the cold regions like Greenland, Russia, and Alaska. They have adapted to such a cold environment, so they won’t have much trouble for cold winter time. However, you still need to provide them with shelters to sleep, foods, and drinks for them to nibble, and if the weather becoming too harsh, you need to let them inside your house.

Keep it in mind that not every dog is suitable to sleep outside during winter time. A dog that has a small body and less fur is very fragile to cold weather. They can easily become sick if exposed in the cold winter time. Chihuahua is an example of a dog that is not suitable to sleep outside during winter time. It is cruel if you let your little Chihuahua sleep outside in the winter since they are very little, and have very little fur to warm their body.

Do you provide shelters or warm place for your dog to sleep outside?

Even if you let your dog sleep outside, you still need to provide your dog with warm shelters for them to sleep. During winter, make sure the shelter is cold proof, give it a warm blanket, and provides it with warm foods and drinks to let them have a snack. Make sure the shelter is close enough with your house of course, so in case of an emergency like blizzard is approaching, you can quickly call your dog to get inside.

Did you train your dog to sleep outside?

Some dog needs to be trained for them to be adjusted to sleep outside. Some of the dogs are okay to sleep outside since they’re carefree nature and it is quite natural for them to sleep outside. However, some dogs need further training before they’re adjusted with sleeping outside, even during winter. Make sure you train them well, or else they can have quite destructive behavior if you don’t train them well.

So, in conclusion, should we let our dog sleep outside in winter?

Some dogs are okay to sleep outside during winter time since they have a bigger body and could withstand cold easier than any other dog breed. However, they can’t sleep outside in the winter time forever. You also need to check your dog if they’re okay from time to time. It is for the best to keep them inside during winter since it is warmer and lots easier to check on them, but some dog breed is okay to sleep outside during winter.

Some people might think that it is too harsh for the dog to sleep outside, and it is inhumane if we let them sleep outside especially during winter. However, we can’t just contain our dog inside all day long, what if they prefer outside rather than cages? Some dog even afraid of cages, and don’t like being inside for too long. The dog is a carefree animal, and they have free souls, so they will always love being outside. We can’t just judge that letting your dog sleeping outside is pure evil, and people that letting their dog sleep outside is not worthy of the dog itself. What we can do as a dog owner is to make sure that we have provides with everything our dog needs like warm shelters, foods, and drinks during harsh cold weather.

So that’s it, did we answer your question on Is it safe to let my dog sleep outside at winter time? For the best, you should bring your dog to sleep inside during winter, but actually, there are a breed of dogs that okay if you let them sleep outside during winter like Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. However, you also need to make sure your dog is alright and always bring them inside if the weather becoming much worse like blizzard is approaching.