5 Best Essential Nutrition for Diabetic Dog

Not only humans that can get diabetes, but dogs can too! That is why it is very important to protect your loved ones and do extensive research. Knowing more about your dog’s conditions will make you aware of the situation. Hence you would not end up harming your dogs. It is very imporatnt for you […]

14 Delicious Foods That Actually Are Toxic for Your Dog

Even though dog eat meat, it doesn’t mean that you can give your dog all foods that people eat. Dogs are not used to eat some foods that we eat, they can actually harmful and toxic if eaten by dog. Even though the food is delicious or good for you. There are some of your […]

10 Dangerous Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Puppy

Puppies tend to less discriminating what they try to eat. That’s why it’s important for puppy owners to keep an eye on what their puppies eat. There are some foods that are good for people, but actually are dangerous if eaten by puppy. It can cause health problems for puppies, even lead to death. To […]

5 Homemade Diets to Feed Your Sick Dog

When your dog is sick, you can help your dog feeling better by giving him good foods. For example, dog that have digestive tract problems, such as vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, or upset stomach, needs more nutrition, but usually is difficult to digest the food. Dog with nausea, gas, allergies, diabetes, kidneys or organ’s problems, […]

What You Should Give To Feed Dog After Giving Birth – 3 Tips for You

What you should give to feed dog after giving birth is an important issue for all dog owners. The choice of meals you feed to your dog will impact her health in the long run. Especially after she delivers her puppies, that’s very crucial time for you. You should feed the mommy dog with very […]