10 Ways on How to Prevent Hair Loss in Your Beloved Dog

Dogs that have beautiful hair are longed for dog lovers. However, not infrequently dogs often experience hair loss. In fact, some types of dogs experience hair loss throughout the year, such as Herder.

Kintamani dogs, that are original breeds from Bali Island, also can experience hair loss throughout the year.

Not only the weather and season, the health and physical condition of a dog can also be a factor in causing hair to fall out. Of course, this is a problem for dog owners.

Well, is there roughly no way to prevent hair loss in dogs? Here are some tips to prevent hair loss in your beloved dog.

1. Give high quality food

High quality dog ​​food is food made from pure meat. As much as possible, you should avoid cheap dog food made only from ingredients.

Healthy and quality food for your beloved dog has proven to be very effective in reducing the risk of hair loss. Thus, your lovely dog ​​will have beautiful hair.

You have to give dog food that can make your dog skin without allergies.

2. Give vitamins as recommended by a veterinarian

Vitamins are very useful for your pet dog. However, excessive use of vitamins will only increase the risk of pet dogs from other diseases that you really do not want.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you provide vitamins to your pet dog in accordance with veterinary recommendations. This will not only maintain the beauty of your hair, but also the health of your dog.

3. Give olive oil as a supplement

Olive oil also seems to have benefits for the beauty of dog hair. You can add 5 ml of olive oil to dog food for 4.5 kg of dog body weight. That means if your dog weighs 18 kg, you need to give 20 ml of olive oil in his food.

Olive oil contains omega 3 fatty acids to help soothe inflamed skin and improve the overall texture of hair loss in pet dogs.

4. Give healthy snacks

You can also provide healthy snacks to maintain healthy dog ​​hair. You can give snacks, such as apple without seeds, bananas, cucumbers, fat-free meat that is cooked without bones, or vegetables that contain many minerals and vitamins.

The snack has a high level of humidity, thus helping dogs have sufficient water content in the body. Thus, hair on dogs will be more difficult to fall out.

5. Often give drink fresh water

Your pet dog must continue to be well hydrated. A body that has sufficient water content will not make dog hair fall out easily. Thus, you need to pay attention to water intake for your pet dog.

In addition, you can also provide food that contains lots of water to keep your pet dog’s body well hydrated.

6. Try to comb dog hair regularly

You should comb your dog’s hair regularly. This is done to remove excess and loose hair. In addition, combing dog hair can redistribute oil in the skin of your pet dog to each hair.

You can choose a comb according to the type of hair of your pet dog. You can find various types of combs at the nearest pet shop.

7. Routinely bathe your pet dog

In addition to combing dog hair, bathing dogs regularly is also able to prevent hair loss in dogs. You can use dog-specific shampoos to help maintain dog hair health.

However, do not bathe your pet too often because it can cause dry skin. You should find out the recommended bathing schedule from your pet dog. You can ask the vet.

8. Control fleas on your pet dog

Pet dogs that have fleas will have a serious skin disorder. There are 3 most common fleas that can infect your dog. The dog will feel itchy and continue to scratch his body because there are fleas lodged there.

This condition can make a dog’s hair fall out because it continues to scratch hard. Thus, you must continue to control whether your dog has fleas or not.

9. Use anti-hair loss equipment

To prevent dog hair loss problems at home, you can prepare a variety of equipment that can prevent hair loss in dogs. Usually, dogs that live indoors can experience loss throughout the year.

10. Take it to the vet if the dog has severe hair loss

Hair loss in dogs is practically normal if it only occurs a few times. However, if your pet’s hair experiences continuous hair loss, it could be that the dog has other health problems.

You can check your pet dog to the vet to find out what health problems exist in your pet dog. Not infrequently, some unknown deadly dog diseases in dogs begin with symptoms of hair loss.

That was a little explanation about how to prevent hair loss in your pet dog. Hopefully this article is useful and able to add insight and become a solution for your pet dog care. See you in the next article.