5 Common Causes of Hair Loss in Guinea Pig

Hair loss in guinea pig can be serious and scary. If you’re lucky, you will notice some excessive shedding or obvious bald spots on your fur baby’s body. Diagnosing and treating hair loss in guinea pig are considered easy. However, there are some exceptions regarding to the hair loss in guinea pigs. Firstly, guinea pigs […]

6 Most Common Reasons of Hair Loss in Cats

Have you ever given your cat a loving stroke and realized that her fur is not as thick as usual? Or have you ever noticed that there are some bald patches on your cat’s body? Then, your cat might experience hair loss. Some cases of hair loss in cats are considered normal, such as when […]

10 Ways on How to Prevent Hair Loss in Your Beloved Dog

Dogs that have beautiful hair are longed for dog lovers. However, not infrequently dogs often experience hair loss. In fact, some types of dogs experience hair loss throughout the year, such as Herder. Kintamani dogs, that are original breeds from Bali Island, also can experience hair loss throughout the year. Not only the weather and […]

How To Treat Hair Loss Of Angora Rabbit

I love angora rabbit! I mean, who doesn’t? They have a long hair, make them look even more fluffier than other species of rabbit. Imagine if they lose their hair and lose those cute hairs. How sad! That’s why you need to know how to treat hair loss of angora rabbit. There are several reasons […]