Here Are 10 Dog Behavior Problems You Should Know

Having dog as a pet in our live was a pleasant boon we could ever felt. Our dogs never fail to bring warm and love with everything they did, such a pure and innocent heart always pour in their deportment. But, we can’t lie either, somewhile they could be very naughty and annoying. It feels like they try to test us – how far we could go and handle their habit and behavior, which frequently, we have to admit that we were loss our temper.

As an owner, we should differentiate every habit of him and classified it – which one is normal behavior or signs of behavioral naughtiness. If we realize that he has project some “out of the line” habit, then it’s the time to cut it off and make him learn some lesson. Do not ever follow some advice of dog behavior that are related to myth, which is based on nothing.

Therefore, you should spread your knowledge about some dog’s behavior, because sometimes your dog would do particular habit as affect of medical treatment such effects of castration on problem behaviors in male dogs, and alteration of dog’s behavior after giving birth in female dogs – which, could confuse you if you don’t know anything about it. All these things, for the sake of your dog happiness and health.

And for the naughty dog; you can do training such obedience training to make him learn thing to behaved himself, and solve his behavioral habits. Here are 10 dog behavior problems you should know.

1. Barking

Every dog do bark, whine, and howl as their nature habit. But, an excessive barking? Well, it’s time to evaluate, my friends. It’s something abnormal and classified as behavior problem if your dog keep doing the excessive barking on anything. This action could be disturb for you household, and importantly your neighborhood. There’s always caused behind your dog bark, and these are commons situations that makes a dog keeps barking:

  • Excitement and enjoyment of what they do or happened.
  • Some interaction between your dog and other dog or people.
  • He wants you to give attention on him.
  • Sense any danger surround your dog.
  • Anxiety could trigger excessive bark on your dog too.
  • Your beloved dog is bored.

Teach your dog to be calmer with control him by some firm commands to stop him bark. Take a time to dedicated yourself to train your dog with passion and full control of consistency and patience. Believe that your effort won’t betray you.

2. Digging

Digging is part of your dog’s nature instinct. In fact, some breeders are more active than other on this digging project, example: terriers. Terriers known as one of breed with propensity to be an active digger than breeder, because of his background and history as hunting dog. These certain reasons, in general become the trigger of you dog active digging:

  • Nesting. What, nesting? Yes, sometimes your dog digging to build short of base camp which could bring him some comfort. Doesn’t mean that he’s uncomfortable with the bed that you gave him – it’s just a matter of mood, folk!
  • To make a bunker of his treasure such his favorite toys and bones.
  • It just a your dog hunting instinct.
  • The urge of anxiety and fear.
  • He is bored.

What you can do to stop it? Therefor, you should give him extra training or other activity which could make him busy and canalize his energy on something more useful than digging.

3. Chewing

This is a typical of problem you’ll find if you had a dog. Don’t be surprise though, it’s just a weird thing all dogs do. But, if you abandoned this habit, it could grow bigger and worse, could end up become a destruction habit. These are common reasons of dog’s chewing:

  • Nothing more than his curiosity.
  • Boredom.
  • He tries to hone his teeth.
  • Fear or anxiety.

Teach your dog to chew the right thing such chewing toys, don’t let them chew objects around them, with a firm command. Also, you can place your dog in a less-furniture room to prevent some destruction.

4. Inappropriate Urination and Defecation

Yeah, this is such frustrating problem might you would encounter in your journey of petting a dog. He, literally would mess your house and other places if a lesson isn’t given as soon as possible. But first, you can consult with your veterinarian to make sure nothing’s wrong with his health. These are typical reasons of your dog inappropriate urination and defecation:

  • He’s territorial marking his place.
  • Excitement of something make him loss control of his bowel.
  • Anxiety.
  • Lack of housebreaking in your house.

If this is happened on puppies, then is a normal cases – but, if an adult dog done this, perhaps it’s time for your to arrange some extra training to eliminate this frustrating habit.

5. Separation Anxiety

This problem is pretty common behavior problem on dogs. The dog that suffered form SA would manifest with excessive bark, chewing, and urinated, and some ares performed some destruction action when they about being separate with their owner. These are the symptoms of SA you can observe:

  • Misbehavior several times before the owner leave the house.
  • The dogs would follow the owner constantly, and frequently touching their owner.
  • The anxiousness increase before the owner leave them.

Proper medication needed in this case. You can consult how to train them with the veterinarian.

6. Chasing

Nature make every dog desire to chase every moving things. And many times you can’t stop your dog on chasing something, because he’s obviously faster than you. These are some tips to prevent your dog chasing something too far:

  • Wear a leash every single time.
  • Buy a noisemaker or dog whistle to make him pay attention on you.
  • Train your dog to listen to you.

But, the best move you can do is prevent at the beginning the out of control chasing.

7. Begging

Perhaps you won’t notice even dismissed this kind of habit that your dog did, because sometimes you find it cute – but let me tell you, begging is a bad habit. If you frequently spoil your dog with this habit, it would encourage them to get everything they want based on thought that you’ll allow them to do it. Lesson must be teach from the beginning – which habit is allowed and not. You can make a stern warning if it necessary.

8. Aggression

Aggression is a dangerous habit if isn’t get immediate attention. It is suggested to consult with a veterinarian to get more detail what really happened to your dog. Is it medicals problem or something else, and how to help your dog to fully erase this dangerous habit. If you coincidental adopted your dog, maybe the problem is with his past.

There’s a high possibility that your dog was a victim of abused – in that case, it could explain his aggression behavior. All you need to do is pour him down with love and patience.

9. Jumping

Usually a dog will jump as an form of excitement of seeing someone or because something that happen. Nothing quite disturb actually, but still, there are danger reasons that you should consider eliminating this habit. That jumping which your dog perform could bring harm to himself even other people.

But don’t worry, you can use this method to make jumping up habit stop without any pressure: you could ignore him, and just simply turn away from him – and please, do not make eyes contact or stroke his body. When, he finished with all his habit, you can give him a treat as a reward. Soon or later he will get the point and figure it out by themselves.

10. Biting

Lastly, of here are 10 dog behavior problems you should know is biting. Biting could be destructive and disturbing. Generally, this habit is pretty common for puppies. And it’s your duty as an owner to make them understand that biting is a bad habit. You can manage and control their behavior by applying bite inhibition lesson. This biting action usually triggered by some of these reasons:

  • He tries to protect his belonging.
  • As an act of self-defense.
  • Mark of territory.
  • Or as a form of pain and sickness that he felt.

To solve it, you can arrange some training, and socialization to make your puppy adjust with his new environment, and neighborhood. Make them learn things and let them figure out things by themselves – still under your surveillance for sure.