2 Reasons Why Your Dog Always feel Sleepy

Sleep is a necessity for all the living things – this is one of the main priority – part of our body’s mechanism. Just like our mobile phone and others electronic object which is has to be recharge to fill its energy, our body – whether is animal or human – need a rest and recharge its energy – sleep is the body’s mechanism system to recharge the energy and relaxing the body from all the pressure of activities.

As much as human, animal (our dog) also has their own sleep’s period. The long of sleep’s period depends on the level of activities that their doing in a day. Normally an adult dog would take about 12 to 14 hours a day (this is included the nap and the night’s sleep). However, it could be change – like i said – it could be longer and shorter depends on what your dog doing that day.

If your dog sleep longer than usual because of their hyperactive habits that day, then it is a normal event – if your dog sleep shorter than usual because their less-activities that day, it also a normal event. Their body’s system only takes time they needed. If ten hours is enough – then it’s enough. There’s no need to be worried. But, if the routine changing accompanies with some peculiar behavior, maybe that’s the right time to change to alert mode.

2 reasons why your dog always feel sleepy will help you to understand the line of normal sleep’s time period and unusual sleep’s time period, and the causes that make your dog sleep longer and always feel sleepy all day. And how to prevent some bizarre habits that your beloved pet do – might the symptoms of something harmful. So, let’s check it out now: 2 reasons why your dog always feel sleepy!

1. Some Different Aspect

The sleep’s time period also affected by some different aspect from your dog – we can’t generalize that all dog is equal. Here’s some aspects that you need to consider to learn about your own pet:

Emotional & Mental Issues

The emotion and mental state of your dog could be the caused of their behavioral changes. If your dog is in grieves caused by loss of family member, or maybe loss their friends; this could be affected to their daily routine. This is very normal. They would become quiet and less-energy than usual, and prefer to be sleeping alone in the corner of the room or their bed.

Depression also could be the reason why your dog prefer to sleep all day. Sad would be the common form of depression. If you both are close, i believe that you would instantly know that you dog is depressed by only their facial expression. Some dogs maybe really easy to let out their feeling, but some dogs prefer to keep it to themselves and in this case, you have to a good friend to them who will care and available for them.

The emotional and mentally issues could also impact to their appetite. So, if you noticed that your pals are loss their appetite, the best thing you can do is try persuade them to eat by offering some delicious meal and snack, so even they are sad or depress, at least their body still get the nutrition it needed. This also to prevent another bowel illness might catch them.


Yes. Age is also important aspect that you should consider why your dog is always felt sleepy. I believe everyone would have known about this – and don’t forget, this is also something that all human would experience. As your dog is getting older they might catch some conditions – normally conditions – of deterioration in health such arthritis, dental problems, decreased vision, hormonal changes, hearing loss, hormonal issues, and a lot of others things that i could not tell one by one.

All of these problems that also attack us as human when we are getting old. Plus another important fact that our dog is aging faster than us – 6 years old dog is equivalent to 40 or 50 years old person. You can imagine with all of these issues, it is definitely become some terrifying  scourge to them – they absolutely would choose to sleeping quietly on their bed rather than playing around in pain.

2. Medical Problems


Parasite that lodging on your dog, whether the parasites inside or outside the body of your dog is consuming your dog’s blood. The loss of blood of your dog would trigger and lead them to the Anemia (low red blood cells). Generally, Anemia symptoms on dog is not much different than human, it included exercise intolerance, loss appetite, pale, and tiredness.

These problems would lead your dog to feel sleepy and tired all the time. You should bring them to vet if there’s nothing improvement on the next view days to get the proper treatment.

Heart Disease

When your dog get a heart disease, it common symptoms is the weakening of the heart and muscles. This could cause exercise intolerance on your beloved one – they begin tiring quickly than usual. This less energy event, also make your dog would experience sleepy all the time. The symptoms of heart disease included coughing, pot belly, fainting, and some respiratory problems such hardly to breath.

Heart disease is often lead your dog to something serious. It is highly recommended bringing your pal immediately to the vet to get some treatment that would prevent the worst thing to happen.


Obesity is the number one reason why your dog is feel sleepy all the time. Obesity also trigger lethargy and the exercise intolerance to your dog. But obesity is something treatable. You could ask advises on veterinarian to get a right way to start the diet and exercise programs to bring them to the normal weight. Obesity – if not being handle quickly – often to lead to diabetes on dog. So you better watch out, my friends!