How long can you keep your dog outside?

There is a lot of pet owner who wonders, how long can we keep our dog outside, how long we can leave them outside alone, Is it safe to keep them for a long time outside of our house? If you want to make sure your dog is safe and sound, and can still playing […]

How to Make Your Dog Adaptable to its surrounding

Dog is an amazing creature, very brave, loyal, and especially cute. No wonder dog becomes one of the most popular pet in the world. People love to get a dog, and getting a dog is an amazing experience. You can get a new dog by buying them in a pet shop, trusted breeders, adopt it […]

5 Simple Tips to Help an Adopted Dog Adjusted to a New Home

Dog is man best friend, and getting a dog is an amazing experience. If you decided to adopt a new dog or puppies then you might need to think about a lot of things. Dog is a brave, loyal and strong creature, however, they also need time to adapt to the new environment. Like any […]

Things to Prepare Before Adopting a Dog from Dog’s Shelter

*Barks Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys to be happy and healthy always, every day, and more. Hey, have you guys been doing our latest recommendation of adopting a dog from the street? Yup, if you did then it is indeed a great experience for […]