Things to Prepare Before Adopting a Dog from Dog’s Shelter


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys to be happy and healthy always, every day, and more. Hey, have you guys been doing our latest recommendation of adopting a dog from the street? Yup, if you did then it is indeed a great experience for you, but if you are still thinking about it please take your time. However, today’s article would not about taming and saving a dog from the street thus adopting them as your new lovely pet, today we are going to talk about the shortcut of saving a street dog which is adopting a dog from nearby dog’s shelter.

Yup, fortunately, adopting a dog from nearby dog’s shelter is indeed the shortcut of our latest experiment. You just need to come to nearby dog’s shelter, ask the staff, then bring one or more home, simple; no need to spend many days on the street while trying to tame a stray probably feral dog; what you need just to visit the nearby dog’s shelter.



Why is probably the first thing that you will ask to us when we want to present this new alternative; why bother with all those experiments when you can simply adopt one from nearby dog’s shelter? Why waste our time on the street while we can adopt one in a flash? Why?

Firstly, this is just an alternative which means that the experiment still holds higher values than the alternative right? You will never feel what is like to tame your own dog; for your information a dog who has been sheltered usually has been tamed so there would be no need to tame them again.

Secondly, this alternative is recommended for you who don’t have any time and still want to have an ex-street dog as your pet. If you are busy with your work or school, just simply go to nearby dog’s shelter and adopt one dog that you like the most.

Lastly, this is indeed a better alternative for those who want to start having a dog but have a restricted financial. Adopting a dog from nearby dog’s shelter is indeed cheaper than buying one on the nearby pet store. Also, taking care of ex-street dog would cost less than buying a dog from the pet store.

How to Adopt a Dog from Dog’s Shelter

Well adopting a dog from dog’s shelter, especially in Indonesia, is not exactly easy; as there would not be many shelters around in Indonesia (not like in Western Countries). However, it still possible to find one if you are living in big cities such as Jakarta, Bogor, Surabaya, and many more. So, before adopting one you should find the shelter location and address.

After you managed to find the proper address, then please note that you must prepare a few things in order to have successfully adopted a new one which are:

1. Prepare a new bed for her

  • Well, if you want to adopt a new dog please make sure that you have prepare a new bed for your dog to sleep to. Having a special new bed surely will help your dog to recognize you as her friend.

2. Prepare foods and drinks

  • Before you bring your recently adopted dog to your home, please make sure that you have enough dog foods and drinks for her; as the first thing you will do after you guys arrive is to feed her new food and introduce the new house to her.

3. Tell your other dogs

  • If you have other dogs, then please make sure that you ask for her permission that you will bring her a new companion. She might not understand what you said, but at least it is good to let her know that you are going to bring her a companion.

4. Prepare some leash and toys

  • You want to give your dog a new tag, in order to let everybody, know that this dog is officially yours. If you don’t give her a new tag, probably another pet control will try to capture her and bring her to dog’s shelter again.
  • Leash is indeed helpful for you and your recently adopted dog. Leash will help you to walk your dog around the neighbourhood and will help you to keep her attacking someone or something.
  • Toys will help your dog to be busy by playing their toys. Toys would also keep your recently adopted dog to be fully exercised thus making your dog in the perfect shape always.

After you managed to prepare everything that will be helpful during transition phase for your recently adopted dog, it is time for you to go to nearby dog’s shelter and don’t forget to bring a cage if you are looking to adopt a small dog and if you are planning to adopt a big one, then prepare a larger cage; however, if you are confident enough, a cage might be unnecessary.

The first thing you will do in your visit is to register yourself on the front desk office. Usually, you will be asked to fill some form and pay some fee before adopting a new one.

Then, you will be guided into the shelter and you must choose which dogs you will adopt? Which one do you prefer? Pick carefully, as if you pick the right dog you will have a great time ahead, but if you pick the wrong dog you will need the extra time and effort in order to have a great time later.

After you chose your dog, then you will be asked to sign some forms then you have successfully adopted a dog from nearby dog’s shelter. Well, it is incredibly easy right? The problem of adopting a dog from nearby dog’s shelter if you live in a city or place that most of the citizens are not a big fan of dog. You might be not found any dog’s shelter thus making this alternative impossible. Good luck!

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