6 Common Diseases in Goats that Should be Known

Raising goats in a farm is always an interesting hobby. Goat is a cute animal and it gives you lots of things. You can consider these goat breed for your goat farm if you plan to start one. It gives you milk, meat and fun as well. Goats are commonly kept for milk production, either […]

These 3 Illnesses Might Tell Why your Goat doesn’t Want to Eat

Having a goat as your pet is an interesting thing. Goat is known to be a smart animal to be kept as pet at home. You can consider these cutest breeds of goat to keep as pets. However, seeing your goat does not want to eat will surely make you sad. If your goat does […]

5 Types of Milk You Could Feed to Goats.

There are several reason why some breeders feed their baby goats with non-mothered milk: from a rejecting mother, their mother’s death, orphaned litter, and the list goes on. In the tragic chance this situations calls for you, it is your responsibility as a smart breeder to consider your milk choices carefully. Young goats require a […]

7 Health Problems of New Born Goat (Must Know!)

Like another new born animal, new born goat has same possibility to infected disease. New born baby mostly still weak and didn’t has defence enough to protect themselves from any disease. Their condition which still weak increase the possibility of any disease to come in mostly from bacteria, virus, and fungal. The key to protect […]