8 Common Signs Your Goat is Pregnant You Need to Know

One of the goals of keeping goats in a farm is to breed them and produce more goats to milk. Then, how to know if a goat is pregnant. You have two options: spend more money on some tests, such as blood test, X-rays or ultrasounds or just simply observe the signs. All pregnant goats […]

5 Easy Steps to Assist A Goat Giving Birth in Homestead

Dear fellow animal lovers! Have you ever wonder what to do when your doe is in labor? Should we help her ourselves or just let her be? Or does calling a vet will be a better choice? Let’s say your doe is pregnant, then about 150 days or 5 months later there will be a […]

How to Tell That Your Goat is Close to Giving Birth

After a long wait, your doe will finally come into her labor! At the end of the pregnancy phase and close to the delivery date, there are a few things that you need to work on. Start to aware of all the small chance on your doe. Check your doe regularly and more frequently so […]

8 Ways to Recognize That Your Goat is Pregnant

Duration for goat pregnancy is up to around 150 days and consist of three stages which are breeding, early gestation, and the last is late gestation. Pregnant doe needs special treatment and supervision from you. If you can start to give pregnancy treatment as early as you can, the better your doe can become! But […]

6 Simple Tips to Care for Pregnant Goat for Beginners

Taking care for pregnant goat may be thrilling yet exciting experience for goat owner. You will need to keep the pregnant goat healthy so she can deliver a healthy baby. To take care for pregnant goat, you must first know about goat’s pregnancy. The goat pregnancy is about 150 days. There are 3 stages of […]