Causes of Swollen Leg in Horses

If you wish to have a horse as a pet, then you can check the horse breeds for horse riding. One of the problems a horse may have is swollen leg. Swollen leg in horses, or also known as ‘filing’, is a condition which is a result of one or more legs becoming swollen. There […]

4 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Horse Fleas

Nobody likes fleas and they almost become the unexpected guests everywhere, including in the horse barns. Spend time reading these ways to get rid and prevent fleas on your pets. They are easy and good to follow. Not only pets, such as cats and dogs who can get fleas, horses can also get fleas, ticks […]

5 Best Horse Breeds for Horse Riding

Talking about the best horse breed for horse riding, there won’t be any perfect breed for it, especially for beginner riders. Also spend time reading new horse species from horse breeding progress. However, some breeds are more suitable than others, for example in terms of the safety. Safety is the main concern for a beginner […]