5 Best Horse Breeds for Horse Riding

Talking about the best horse breed for horse riding, there won’t be any perfect breed for it, especially for beginner riders. Also spend time reading new horse species from horse breeding progress.

However, some breeds are more suitable than others, for example in terms of the safety. Safety is the main concern for a beginner rider, as who wants to get injured for the first time?

There are some things to consider while choosing a beginner’s horse, such as the temperament and the experience level. Horses that make good rides for beginner riders should be calm, trainable and have a smooth ride.

There’s an interesting fact: an older horse tend to be more predictable than the young ones. One of the best ways to find the best horse breed for riders is spending time with it.

Now, it’s time to see the 5 best horse breeds for horse riding, especially for beginners.

  • American Quarter Horse

The American quarter horse is known to be the number 1 horse breed in America. It is mostly favored by English and Western riders. It often makes perfect beginner horses due to its even temperament.

Despite its high spirit and being energetic, its adaptability, dexterity and reliability make it a perfect first horse to ride. If you wish to ride a horse, make sure you read these useful tips to make sure you ride a horse properly.

This horse breed is 56 to 64 inches tall, with the weight of 950 to 1,200 pounds. It is medium-boned, finely chiseled head and flat profile. It can live up to 35 years. It is also sure-footed and isn’t likely to trip on uneven ground.

  • Appaloosa

The second horse breed suitable for horse riding is Appaloosa. This breed is also originated from USA. Appaloosas are known to be extremely intelligent and loyal. They are similar to quarter horses as they have all their characteristics with the added bonus of color.

They have great stamina, so they can easily spend all day on the trail. Besides, they are happy being out in all weathers. They are not only good at trails, but they can also show you a good jump!

Appaloosas are typically about 56 inches to 64 inches. They mainly have spotted body although some are solid colored with mottle skin.

  • Arabian

Arabians are known as hot-headed or hot-bloods horses. They were popular as warhorses due to their speed, endurance and strength. Many of them are quiet and trustworthy.

Quiet horses are less likely to spook in startling situations. For beginner riders, it is recommended to take geldings, the castrated adult males, as they are known to be the calmest Arabians.

The Arabians are 56 inches to 64 inches tall with the weight of 800 to 1,000 pounds. Their lifespan expectancy is from 25 to 30 years. They are known to have compact body, wedge-shaped head, short back with sloping shoulders along with powerful hindquarters. arab

  • Paint Horse

Paint horses are strong mix of American quarter horses in their pedigree. They are typically calm and easygoing. They are social animals too. They can form deep bounds with the person of their choice and tend to do well with children too! Moreover, they are easy to train as they are very intelligent.

Regarding to their physical appearance, they mostly have white coat along with any other color. The coat patterns are tobiano (white over their back and legs with their head being colored and theor mane and tail have both white and color), overo (white belly rarely extends over their back and white heads with one or both eyes being blue) and tovero (a mixture of both the tobiano and overo).

Their height ranges from 57 inches to 61 inches. Their weight can reach 1,200 pounds. They are known to have muscular body, broad chest and strong hindquarters.

  • Morgan

Another versatile horse breed for riding is Morgan. Morgan can be the excellent choice for a family horse. These horses are mostly social, attentive and have a strong desire to please their caretakers.

They can be pretty forgiving for beginner riders too, while for the experienced riders they will be able to follow any commands quickly. Another thing to make it perfect for horse riding is they are easy to take care and rarely have health issues.

Morgan have smooth lines, small ears, crested neck and expressive eyes. Their weight can reach 1,100 pounds and their height ranges from 56 inches to 60 inches. They can live up to 30 years. Horse is considered as one of the friendliest animals to human.

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