6 Effective Ways to Make A Kitten Trust You Fast

It must be somewhat distressing to own a kitten that always cowers, hisses or even scratches your hand whenever you try to make a contact with her. Do not worry though. This issue is surely common among people seeking new companies out of new kittens; although in some cases you can find kittens that are […]

4 Tips to Make A Fearful Cat Become More Friendly

It would be delightful to see your cat wandering home joyously without having to worry about anything. However, it could turn out to be you who begin to worry once you notice the furry pet runs away from your guests. Even though it is not limited to just your guests, cats can become fearful to […]

How to Tame A Kitten That is Scared of Humans

Taking care of kittens may become wearying as much bringing feral cats to a new home. It takes patience and most of your time to interact with cats that begin to experience the moment of their lives. What makes it more challenging is when you have to deal with kittens that are scared of humans. […]

How to Tame A Feral Cat and Bring It Into Your Home

What many consider as domestic cats is an animal adopted from a pet store or a local shelter. Before being taken by their new owner, those cats had received direct treatment from their caretakers. This means they have become accustomed to humans, often friendly to them. Then, there are feral cats. Unlike the previous ones, […]

7 Safe Tips for Caring The Sick Cat At Home for Beginners

If you are a new cat owner or are currently pet sitting your neighbor’s cat, there may be an uneasy feeling occurring to you whenever you think there is a possibility of the cat you are caring right now become suddenly sick. Yet, you bearing little knowledge of cat treatment may likely end up in […]

7 signs that your cat is sick and needs attention

The first thing you should do with the sick cat is determining how dangerous the illness she contracts. This is truly not an enjoyable experience nor an easy task. There are a tremendous amount of disease cats might develop. In most cases, cat owners are often late to spot the signs of diseases in their […]

5 Ways To Treat Your Sick Cat With Home Remedies

It is unquestionably comforting to have a cat as your little companion at home. In spite of their occasionally troublesome behavior (like scratching your sofa), cats can soothe your tired mind after one hectic day at your office. Nevertheless, there might be a time when your pet appears to be weak and unable to wander […]

5 Natural Methods to Fatten Up Your Cats Quickly and Effectively

You may be wondering how to make your thin cat gain a significant amount of weight. Added to that, you may feel worried when choosing a commercial cat food since it may possibly contain some chemical substances, especially those that synthetically made. There are many past studies stating that some chemical ingredients found in the […]

6 Ways To Fatten Up A Skinny Kitten Safe and Fast

If you end up on this page, you must have had an uninvited kitten repeatedly meowing at your house; or your own cat has apparently been pregnant and has given birth recently. Instead of worrying yourself at having a kitten, you might want to keep and pet her/them. Therefore, you may wonder how to take […]

Fostering a Malnourished Cat? 4 Tips to Help The Cat Gain Weight

Have you recently found a stray cat wandering in the backyard of your house? To your surprise, the cat is unpleasantly in an awful condition. You could see the fur is truly filthy and she barely possesses any weight. You might perceive that the cat is severely malnourished and might possess some illnesses. Knowing the […]