The Scientist Creating Technology to Translate Animal Language

When we have pets surely we want to be closer with them. We want to know how do they feels? What do they think? Do they like their food? Do they feel well or sick? Or many we want to know. We usually talk to them, and they seem like they know what we talking about. As an animal lover, that always will be crazy think of our mind. ‘Why am i can’t understand what my cat talking about? I think I have to buy some device to translate their language!’. As we know, we just have that idea but sometimes it feels like that just weird imagining that never can be happen. Here will be explaining about the scientist who creating technology to translating animal language.

Anyway, talking about speaking with animals, people shouldn’t feel worry to do it publicly. Speaking with animal regularly, indicaton of intelligence. Master of behavior Professor Nicholas Epley from University of Chicago said, someone’s habits to talk with animal is actually normal. It’s because human has ability to characterize object as face’s people (anthropomorphism). He said, on history anthropomorphism often considered as fool indication or childish indication. But basically it is naturally product from what makes people is so smart and no one species has this ability.

That ability own by only people as species with high-intelligence. People are social creature, that’s why if someone lost interactions so instinctively the brain will look way to solve the problem. Anthropomorphism is one of all the strategies. Even it is not proved yet, Professor Nicholas is predicting someone with high social intelligence will doing anthropomorphism regularly. He said, when we know what is on people think is involve psychology process as same like know what is probably exist on animal, God, or tool. This is reflection of the biggest ability of our brain, not indicating of fool. According to sentences above, we can conclude that even animal-talker indicating to intelligence, it doesn’t mean they don’t meet difficulties. People who have high social intelligence only will anthropomorphism regularly. It means not every people can do that. As we know people has their own level intelligence.

But how with people who with animal every time? Have you ever think about their difficulties sometime because differences communication? Or these people have high social intelligence obviously because interacting with animal all along time? There are people who work with people, but also work with animal. It is easy to work with people who can be talking on the same way, but it is so hard when you work with animal which never be same with us, especially their talking. Have you ever thinking how hard it was? Now, we don’t need to imagine all anymore. It would be real soon. Master of animal behavior, Professor Con Slobodchikoff hopes the research of other scientist will make a ware to make it possible for human to talking with animal. This research will using ‘pet translator’ to translate the language. The professor has learned a record about dog’s some activities like barking and stare. After that, he uses artificial intelligence (AI) to understand their communication.

He wishes with that machine learning, the computer is notifying human what’s the meaning of dog growling and tails moving. He also said that people will be more ready to face the animal in the future if they know what their want.

Previous Research

In 2013, Slobodchikoff who now as Emeritus Professor on Northern Arizona University launched Chasing Doctor Dolittle: Learning the Language of Animals, a research about characteristics of uniquely animal language. With his research, he claimed that animal and human can communicate effectively just in ten years. The scientist has already spending all their time to learn prairie dog in North America, the animal who has complexly language system. Prairie dog was using a call to remind his group for any threats.

Slobodchikoff thinks if he knows their language, he will understand communication way the animal which has the same system with them. He thinks that every dog basically knows what we mean. But they don’t say it verbally like human being. Even though this ware generally will translate the animal’s behavior, the scientist want to create a device which more valid than just observing.

With this invention, everyone who love animal would be surprisingly happy because they can make sure what their pet want. It’s not just how we communicating with them, but also how we increasing to care them, loving them, and treat them. If it just for communicate, basically observing of their behavior is enough. We have to know the essential of the purpose. We and the animal are living things. If we have right to life, to survive, to guard, to feed, and to grow, so they are. We both have the same right. We have to know how to treat them well in order to balancing life.

Along with this invention, the scientist hopes for all people who work with animal can up-grading their knowledge and skill. If they learned animal language of their habit, with this ware they would observe it specifically. We have to remember, there are many cases of murdered animal keeper by the animal. Is it because of the animal? No, it because the human can’t understand their meaning or even missing their behavior non-verbal. As creature which can think and feel, it is fault if we blame the animal on this case. We can’t do that obviously.

Every animal are using their own way to communicate. Between one animal and other, they have different way to communicating each other. They have on system communicating that can’t understand by other. It is like code of reminder to enemy, territory, teasing for mate, and prey. This system created by their habit and developing everyday with their colony. The colony agreed how the system work and move, and surely they down on the rules. Even the system is hard to learn, it doesn’t mean we can’t analyze it because it poured out on their behavior. Surely, every language will be different with behavior they showed. They are behavior between mate process and hunting. Their behavior depend what they are face on, not the instinct or feeling.

Back to the work for creating technology of translating animal language, even though it still on the step of learning let us keep supporting it. We surely want this project become true. We can how useful it is for animal and their living, to educating people who consider animal as their enemy and to animal hunter who using animal as their stuff of merchandise. For people who dedicated their life for this invention, let us appreciate it. Because we know, it is very hard to learning, finding, and also creating something that not existing before. It really take much times and also energy. Let us hope this invention will be as jumping spirit and inspiring people to creating something useful too.