What makes your rabbit suddenly turned aggressive?

What makes your rabbit suddenly turned aggressive? Some reasons could be the answer. This can be internal or external factors. Just likely other animal, rabbit has been influenced by environment he grows up and native characteristic himself. The way he maintains his life is the crucial factor that he need to adapt and tolerate during life time. Let’s move on to the first factor which is internal aspect influence the aggressive behavior in rabbit followed by factors from outside or environment.

What makes your rabbit suddenly turned aggressive:

1. Internals factor

There are pros and cons talking about this factor. One says that this aggressive behavior is not related to the genetic while the other expert convinces that this aggressive nature is hereditary in genuine.

  • Family line of descent

Nevertheless of this contradiction we remain to observe our rabbits in daily basis. In my experience pet some animals including rabbit, observing them day to day; I have to conclude that in every baby born has the same characteristic from the mama. It is not merely what is in the mother (or the biologic father) will be a hundred percent just turn down to the baby. But somehow the behavior and the habit look like the same. They eat in the same way.  They contact and open communication with other looks not far differs. So is the way they show anger or disregard. Even to the owner, if they fell something not in their rule, they could became disobey for a while. Some rabbits have the aggressive behavior even just being stimulated by the very trivial thing. Because of his family line has the same level of aggressiveness. This family line of descent is likely pass down from generation to generation. This hereditary factor still is in the middle of theory. This theory is back up by the experience from the rabbit’s keeper as well.

  • Maternal phase

During the time of pregnancy, the hormone level is a lot of changing. So is the case of pregnant rabbit. She becomes more sensitive, easily irritated and offended. Once something attempt toward her, she will assume this is the point of hostility, and that’s she reacts aggressively in time. She will bite or stomp her legs to protect her and her baby bunny. I believe these reactions apply to every animal during pregnancy.

  • Injured and sickness

Rabbit who got injured or being ill, will express the pain by showing aggressiveness. This behavior is aim to defend and protect himself from outside stimulation. If you do not know how to carry him, you just pick him up from the belly, and suddenly this pet show anger by expressing his sharp teeth and kicking you off, it could be something wrong in his stomach. Check this out to figure out any scratch or lesion. There is maybe invisible injury you can see, but perhaps your friend has stomachache related to diarrhea or maybe something worse like a tumor or else. If you are unsure what happen to him, better visit the vet to determine any medical problems.

2. External factors

There are some external factors that influence the aggressive behavior in rabbit for more explanation below.  Mostly are supported by the environment where the rabbit grow up and survive for the life.

  • Place where he lives before come to your house

If you got your bunny now from the free space area like the forest from the hunting journey, you probably will find that he behave is not expected. This is normal while your rabbit has formed the wild habit then move to the quite environment. This will induce stressful and agitation with him.  Rabbit will bite or nip you or other family member.  Pay attention not too close to this bunny. Let him stand up alone for about a week. During this time you can put him in a cage, while you watch him and try to open communication about half hour just to introduce yourself. Feeding him and giving a play toy is advisable to provide comfort and this is the time to establish bounding with you and him.

  • Rabbit from the pet shops

The rabbits are stocked in pet shop to be sold are most likely is being confined in a cage. This happen can be for long time, if rabbit fortunes enough the time maybe less. But we never know for sure. This period will produce the aggressiveness of the rabbit’s behavior. Once the rabbit has interacted with human or other pet this will aggravate the anger and he might attack you somehow. Take your time and try to approach him slowly. Do not push to get close to him too quick. Feed him and let him know you are there to be his friend and somebody he can rely on.

  • Marking area

Rabbit has to identify his authority by marking the area he is own. Once there is another animal even though it is a rabbit as well he could become aggressive in any way. If you have already pet a rabbit, then one day you bring another one, there will be a fight between them especially the old one who might think that this new companion is just the opponent that need to be finished.  I have heard that rabbit’s fighting is horrible. They kill to the death. So be careful though. You do not even want to hear that.

  • You bother him

Rabbit is adorable cute animal if you do right to him. But there is a moment that your bunny becomes suddenly aggressive while you try to play with him. You have checked everything alright with his body, you have figured out there is nothing around him, but why this amusing one become so different? You better think that your bunny needs his own time to be all alone. Your present is sometimes unexpected. Particularly you bunny acts aggressive when it is time for him to sleep or eat. Do not try to ask him to play. His mood is not on the right track this time. Leave him alone to enjoy his time for a moment. You can come back later after he wakes up from the sleep or finish his meal.

Actually this aggressive behavior is rare. Only a few has acted like this to perform dislike or anger. However as a pet owner, you need to anticipate what to do if this unexpected action appears during your journey in raising a rabbit at home. You can read as well how to solve aggressive behavior in rabbits to give you more information to deal with if you have to face this condition eventually.