The Sneeze of your Iguana: Should You be Worried?

Sneeze is normal thing that happened to us. It’s a signal to us about certain body’s condition we should aware of. Ordinarily, human’s sneeze is the sign of cold or flu’s symptom. But, what would we think if sneeze happened to our pet iguanas? The sneeze of your iguana: should you be worried? Although iguana looked though and fierce, this herbivorous reptile could get into certain condition which triggered the sneeze.

I absolutely sure, it would worry and freak you out, but don’t worry my friends, the sneeze is not always the sign of a bad thing. If you adopt an iguana or purchase them, you should prepare for a lot of things that could happen all the time. Not only the sneeze that you should worry about, iguana and their changes of colors could also the symptoms of certain health conditions. Not to mention the various behaviors which is exhibit by iguanas become the list of things you should prepare.

However, if you determined to have iguana’s companion on your side, you could adopt an iguana or simply purchase them in the pet stores. And now, we would back to our main topic today: the sneeze of your iguana: should you be worried? The answer is yes and no; it depends the cause behind the sneeze. So, what causes that could trigger the sneeze in iguana? Are you curious? Then let’s check this out, my dear friends!

Sneezing of Iguana

The Marine Iguana of Galapagos

Do you know about the marine iguana of Galapagos? Yes, the iguana’s species which is only be found in Galapagos Island of Republic of Ecuador, not only famous because of the rarity of the species, but also known for their unique sneeze. The marine iguana surprisingly designed to sneezing excess of salt. Wait, what? Yes, my friend, you hear me: this species had ability to sneeze salt! This is one of the most extraordinary fact I ever heard too. How could an iguana sneeze the salt?

As their name, marine iguana spend most of their time around the sea. They were an extraordinary species of iguana that prefer the sea area than the dry land just like the majority of other iguanas; which is lead to the fact that being a marine creature was proved that you would also owned special ability to survive on the sea. You should praise God for the perfect design to all creation. You probably should understand, the main diet menu of marine iguana is the algae that floated in the water, and those meals was contained high number of salt!

Not to mention they do also drink the salt water; in short, the life of marine iguana was fulled of saltiness (I’m not sure is that even a word). However, God our Creator made the way for this animal to throw away the amount of salt inside their body by given them an ability to sneeze salt. So, did you get it now? The marine iguana was sneezed the salt to reduce the level of salt which consumed from all the meals and water.

It’s not a disease or sort of other threat of illness, the sneeze in marine iguana was simply just a body mechanism to make them survive in their natural habitat of the sea. The only species that could do the salt sneeze is marine iguana. So, do not expect your green iguana to sneeze salt, because it was impossible. What do you think? That is super wow, isn’t it? God is never wrong , right?

Sneeze in Other Species of Iguanas

Sneeze is a normal mechanism for iguanas to rid off byproduct salts inside their bodies. The sneeze would remove the excess levels of salt and ion and help regulate iguana’s body. The other caused of sneeze is some external particles of objects that accidentally enter the nose; so the sneeze also form of iguana’s body protection from foreign substances. Actually, the medium to issue excessive amount of salt is not only the sneeze, but also by urinate; but, at some points urinate is not enough mechanism compare to the level of salt within.

So, sneeze is a backed up system to help iguana remove excess ion and salt from the blood stream from nasal cavity. Furthermore, not only salt of ion, some excess substances such as potassium and sodium also expel outside iguana’s body in the sneeze process. However, keep in mind that calcium levels never become the cause of iguana’s sneeze, no matter the level of calcium inside their body; but, well of course it would trigger another problem inside your iguana.

Why does My Iguana Frequently Sneeze?

However, keep seeing you iguanas sneeze so much would still give you nervous. So, here are some reasons behind the frequent sneeze of iguanas:

  • The first possibility is that your iguanas consume higher amount of sodium than normally they would. This issue would trigger body to react of the excess sodium, and resulted on the frequent sneeze from your iguanas. The higher amount of sodium ordinarily strike your iguana, if you on sudden changed the normal daily diet menu. So, if you want to change the diet, make sure all the ingredients are in normal number of substances.
  • There might be some respiratory issues if you your iguana keep sneezing all the time. But, do the observation before you draw  a conclusion; ordinarily, respiratory infection would follow by other symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and a lot of saliva which display yellow coloration on it. The other symptom of respiratory infection is breathing through the mouth, and the sneeze contained lots of fluid from the nose.

However, if there are no symptoms of particular problems, you shouldn’t be worry so much. Frequently sneeze is classified as a normal thing for iguana and not the indication of too many substances inside their bodies. As long as your iguana’s nose dry and displayed no discharge at all, it is totally safe, my dear friends!