4 Things That Must Be Included in Hamster Food

Food is main thing that every life creature needed. Balance nutrition will support our daily activity. Balance nutrition also needed to keep us stay healthy. Even not on diet period, balance nutrition should be maintained because technically balance nutrition will fulfil our necessary of energy. Also, balance mean ideal. By balancing nutrition, our ideal vitamin needed will automatically fulfil.

For hamster, as we know that they can diet either. But this diet doesn’t mean that their balance nutrition only giving on that period. If it needed, giving balanced nutrition for them everyday is allowed and very suggested. Don’t need to worry about budget, even they can save a lot of foods in their mouth, they can’t eat that much.

The things that must be included in hamster food is surely balance nutrition. For complete information that you need to know what thing that should be available on your hamster bowl, here is the points.

  • Protein

Protein is really good for hamster’s growth. For you who raise baby hamster or young hamster, protein is what they need. Protein also good for pregnant hamster. For diet session, protein is really suggested for thing that should be increase.

  • Carbohydrate and fat

Carbohydrate will digest as heat and energy by hamster. But if the portion isn’t well, it will change as another thing. If consume more carbohydrate, it will change to fat. For hamster type that more active moving, carbohydrate needed is a must.

  • Vitamin

Unlike another animal that really need variative vitamin, hamster doesn’t need more vitamin. They do need vitamin complex but don’t need to much complex. The vitamin that they need such like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E.

  • Mineral

Like vitamin, mineral that needed by hamster also mini portion.

Here is some food that better included to your hamster bowl

  • Sunflower seeds

Many people wrong about sunflower seeds. They think that sunflower seeds are mainly food for hamster so they just give it to them. Therefore, hamsters need another food that contained another nutrition. Feed hamster by only sunflower seed will make hamster fatty because it contained high fat. So, don’t repeat your bad habit, dear fellas!

  • Soya bean

As mentioned before that hamster needs protein, one of all protein sources is soya bean. Beside supported hamster’s grow, protein also good to sharpen the teeth of a growing hamster.

  • Green beans

Green beans contain so much vitamin. Vitamins in the content of green beans are needed by hamsters as regulating substances in their bodies. And just like soybeans, green beans are also good for sharpening hamster teeth that keep growing.

  • Carrot

Carrot contains all thing to prevent cancer and also containing a lot of vitamin A and it is good for hamster’s eye healthy. Carrot is really suggestable for red eye hamster because this hamster is easily attacked by cataract. Carrot can also use for water substitute for them. You just need to juice them all and pour it sufficiently to their water box. But remember beside carrot juice, you can’t replace their drinking water as their main water source.

  • Bean sprouts

Bean sprout contains Vitamin K that needed by hamster. Give them little bean sprout to maintain their fertility.

  • Concretate

Concentrate is a mixture of various types of foods that have been mixed by the factory. Feeding hamsters using concentrates will fulfil the hamster’s nutrition well. But if the hamster is fed concentrates, it must be balanced by providing enough drinking water.

  • Red rice

Red rice is high of carbohydrate which is used to energy injection for hamster. Lack of carbohydrate will makes them thin and weak because their fat uses to energy.

Beside balance nutrition, you need to watching about portion. Don’t dare you have made it balance so everything you add to your hamster’s bowl. Balance nutrition also means balance portion. Over portion means losing balance nutrition and also it invites any disease to come because it means one thing over and another thing is less.

You must remind hamster’s habit about food business. Hamster love fresh food. They love to digging and safe their food under cage’s base. It is important for you to spread it all around cage. Also, it isn’t wise to pile up hamster’s food on their bowl because it will decrease the freshness of the dish.

Beside nutrition and portion, taste must be your business. Don’t make healthy dish that from the smell is lower their appetite. It will better if you can make a complete dish which is healthy, balance, and tasty.