6 Things That You Should pay attention in Hamster Life

Who is in here hate hamster? Well, guess no one hate hamster. This cutie animal which has small body easily catch people heart with their charming. People who choose hamster as their pet animal usually have limited space and fast life style. People who loves simple treatment animal pet mostly choose hamster as their option.

Hamster has so many types with different character. Let’s say Roborovski who loves to moving fast but scared with human and winter white who loves people so much but hard to live longer. You will be happy if you choose hamster as your pet animal option because you can choose which one who suitable with your character and your style. Even for treatment thingy is all almost similar, but relating special treatment with their characteristic will be more first thing.

To give you know about something you have to pay attention for hamster life, here is some things that you should aware.

  • Know your hamster

Knowing your hamster isn’t enough to know their type. Character and habit are your key to teach you how serve them. Every hamster has different character. As mentioned before, Roborovski loves to moving around but scared of human, winter white who loves human but hard to life longer, other hamster types like Syrian hamster whose the giant hamster, or Campbell hamster who really defensive. All their characteristic effects to your treatment giving moreover interaction and cage choosing.

  • Cage

Cage is fundamental thing when you pet hamster, moreover if you pet Roborovski type. You better choose large cage even you pet the smallest hamster. That’s because they need space to run and moving. Also, some ornament that you could add inside the cage can facilitating enough by large cage. Cage position must be very attention. Hamster needs a place that they can sleep calmly and also support their noisy in the night. Remember that they would active in the night, so it is unsuggestable to place your hamster cage in your room or near your bed. Quality sleep is a must for them. By fulfil this quality sleep, it will make them living longer. You can place your hamster inside aquarium if you try to cut the budget. As long as the hamster locked perfectly and their cage can protect or limit their movement, technically using aquarium is suggested either. But if you are worry about air circulation when you use aquarium, you can use wire cage to keep them. Just make sure that wire hole can’t make them lost and the wire didn’t hurt them. After choosing cage, make sure that you choosing well cage’s base. The base should be at least 7.6 thick. Pine or cedar shavings should not be used because they can cause health problems such as respiratory problems and other problems. Choose aspen wood shavings that do not contain harmful oils. Also, don’t use cotton and toilet paper because it can be as dangerous as wrapped around a hamster’s leg so that it blocks blood flow and cannot be digested so it can kill your hamster.

  • Their natural habit

Every hamster does have their own characteristic but all hamsters has same natural habit as animal. Hamster actually living as colony. They can place two or more at the same cage. But not every hamster can live together. Dwarf hamster can live as couple at the same cage but Syrian hamster have to live alone at the cage. That’s because if you put more than two Syrian Hamster on one cage, they will fight to reach territory until one of them die. It is back to first point, know your hamster is the key. You better don’t breed them with different type. Cross breeding didn’t work to hamster causes they can hurt each other. Hamster loves clean cage so you better schedule your time to clean or just wipe their cage at least in every morning. Hamster hates to be smeared, but we know that people may feel so exasperated and forgot that hamster actually hates the touch. Hey people, don’t forced them, okay?

  • Toy

Technically, all hamsters love to moving fast. Even the giant hamster that we can assume that big guy can’t be fast, he still loves to move around. Toy maybe just like another toy for you but it is different for hamster. If you want to let your hamster moves without feel worry bout lost, toy will be facilitating a lot. Just add wheel inside the cage and let them rolling it out. Another toy that still related to hamster’s natural habit behaviour is biting. You need give them chewing toy to avoid them bite you. This chewing toy uses for stop their tooth grow so it’ll not too long.

  • Feed and drink

Place feed and drink is necessary. Hamster loves to eat fresh dish and so does the water. For Syrian hamsters, about 15 grams of food can be given every day and make sure the food is always fresh. Hamsters are also animals that like to store their food so they always have a secret place to store food. You can spread their food so it will keep their wild-side still sharpen.

  • Your interaction

Hamster isn’t wild animal but it doesn’t mean that they soft enough. When you just put your hamster in your home, they do need to be tame. This tame here doesn’t mean that you would reduce their natural bite habit but it is like how to make them getting used with you, moreover your hand, your smell, your presence, and your style to treat them.

Know your hamster well is the key. Even you just met them for a second ago when you were in pet shop, it can’t be a reason you didn’t feel near with them. Spend your time to playing with them will makes them feel loved. Even hamster’s treatment is relatively easy, something may make you feel so hard. Also, make sure that you treat your hamster proper and well. Proper as guideline said and well as humanity said. Don’t make them feeling so stress just because you don’t understand to treat them. Even hamster isn’t sensitive animal that weak for stress it doesn’t mean that they can’t stress.