How Can Fish Oil Help Combat Civet Shedding

With their endearing personalities and adorable looks, civets is one wild animal that people has come into the liking enough to adopt. These furry friends are omnivorous by nature and loves to feed on fruits.

However, despite their seemingly low maintenance care, civets are still prone to diseases when they’re untreated or do not receive the right medical attention. One of the most common health drawbacks they could face is hair loss and shedding, which could be easily cured by using fish oil.

Yes, thats right, fish oil! Who knew that an ingredient so simple could render this many health benefits to your civets? In this article, find out more on how can fish oil help combat civet shedding.

Health Benefits of Fish Oil on Civets

Since the health drawback is extremely common, there should be multiple causes and possibilities to civet shedding. Of the many listed may include the following:

  • Fungi infection
  • Stress
  • The weather and the overall environment’s climate
  • Being on heat
  • Nursing
  • Lack of nutrients and an unhealthy diet

Regardless of the reasons, fish oil remains a universal cure for shedding and other potential health drawbacks. This is because the content of fish oil is anti inflammatory so it provides a healing remedy that regenerates their skin cells, boosts hair growth, shines fur, and fulfil their other nutritional needs.

How the Fish Oil is Used

In order to gain the multiple benefits of fish oil to its optimal, you would have to apply them properly. When using fish oil to cure your civet’s shedding, do take in mind of the following considerations:

  1. Monitor your civet’s nutritional intake beforehand. This is to ensure that they do not overdose on more nutrients than necessary. When we are reckless, this could bring more harm than good.
  2. Spoon feed the raw oil or assist swallowing fish oil pills for your civet to consume. It might be a difficult task at first, but it should get easier by every practice. If it all fails, try using a pipet, syringe, or a baby spoon to feed them.
  3. Make sure to provide them the right dose of fish oil. 7 months old civets would only require one pill per week, while 2 year old civets would require two per week.
  4. Be extra gentle. If your civet is showing regular signs of discomfort and pain, stop immediately and consult a medical professional for alternatives.

So there you have it: important factors on how can fish oil help combat civet shedding. However, if the problem persists without showing signs of improvement, it is wise that you consult professionals for further help. We wish you the best of luck!