Natural Hamster Habitat That Can Be Created By Yourself

Hamster is very popular pets all around the world, as they are a cute ball of fluff, really cute to pet and play with and they also tend to be fairly easy to take care of. However, you still need to think about many things when taking care of hamsters like their cage, their natural habitat, their feeds and many more. With a lot of consideration, it is actually pretty easy to take care of hamster once you are getting hang of it.

Hamster is free-spirited animals, meaning that they are uncomfortable with bond and cramped places from time to time. They are still small animals so their cage won’t take up much space, however, you still need to let them out once in a while for them to play and roam. Not to mention that hamster is a great escape artist, meaning that they can escape the cage while you aren’t watching them. So, how we can create a comfortable habitat for our hamster? How to make a cage that is comfortable enough so our hamster won’t try to run? We are about to discuss it right away.

So, today we are going to discuss do it yourself guide on Natural Hamster Habitat That Can Be Created By Yourself. You can always buy hamster cage or hamster house from pet store sure, but you can also make it by yourself too. It is fairly easy if you know the step, and way cheaper than buying it in a pet store. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Step on how to make comfortable natural hamster habitat by yourself

There are many ways you can make comfortable hamster habitat by yourself. Creating your own hamster habitat will require you to have enough materials to build, tools and enough budgets. However, it is far cheaper if you know the right ways to create your own hamster habitats. If you don’t have any fresh materials to use, you can always use any used materials like a used aquarium, wooden pulp, sawdust, cardboard box and many more. We are going to give you a concept and steps on how to create a creative, comfortable hamster habitat you can build it yourself at home.

  • Choosing the cage for your hamster

Normally, people will buy hamster along with their cage. If you buy a hamster cage from a pet shop, you might see that sometimes it is very small and cramped. Hamster won’t require much of space though but still, it is better to give them spacious cage for them to explore. After all, a hamster is free-spirited animals where they are a curious creature and always exploring. So, if you want to choose the best cage for your hamster, it is wise to give them a spacious one.

What should we choose as our hamster cage? To make creative and comfortable hamster natural habitats, we recommend you to use an unused aquarium, glass aquarium. This way, you can give your hamster spacious cage for them to roam and you can watch them all day through the glass.

For the size of the aquarium, it is up to your choice. You can use aquarium you bought from fish or pet shop, or you can make it by yourself by building glasses with the correct dimension. The recommended size for your hamster cage is 30cm x 15cm x 20cm, but if you feel that size isn’t quite right, feel free to adjust its size.

  • Choosing the base of the cage

Well, you can’t just give empty aquarium for your hamster to stay. You still need to fill it with base for your cage. Hamsters need a base, as it can warm them while also providing them things to explore. You can choose many things as the base for your hamster habitat. The most usual things to use as a base is wood pulp. You can also use a mix of shredded paper, cloth, and soft sawdust. If you don’t find any of it, you can always use synthetic sand from a pet shop.

Make sure to change the base of your cage once in a while to make sure it won’t get dirty and smelly by hamster poop and urine.

  • Putting foods and water bowl for your hamster

Always put foods and water bowl in easy place for your hamster to see and reach. Provides bowl for your hamster that is small, don’t have a sharp edge, and shallow. It will give your hamster easy reachable snacks and drinks in case they are thirsty or hungry. After providing foods and water bowl, of course, you will need to provide your hamster with tasty snacks.

  • Creating sleeping corner for your hamster

After giving your hamster warm base, and reachable foods bowl, now you should also give them a small corner to sleep. You should provide your hamster with a small corner, provided with a warm cloth or small blanket for them to sleep on. Although some of the time, your hamster won’t sleep on the sleeping corner, they will be glad to sleep in a warm place. If you think it is unnecessary it is fine to skip this step.

  • Creating a playground

This is where the most interesting part of this guide. Creating a playground for your hamster can be really rewarding. There are many things you can create for the playground of your hamster. Be creative! As you can create many interesting things from Tunnels, ladder for your hamster, hamster house made from a cardboard box, and many more. You can always add up hamster toy from pet stores like a hamster wheel, chewing toy and many more. Give your hamster house with second floor, ladder, tunnel to play with, and they will explore it for a long time.

Well, that’s it for the guide on how to create creative, comfortable Natural Hamster Habitat That Can Be Created By Yourself. If you find any other ideas, concept or tips to create creative hamster habitat, feel free to give an opinion in our comment section here.