Enjoyable Hamsters Treats in Their Meal Time

Hamster is a little cute ball of fluff that is very popular for home pets. Hamster is also fairly easy to take care of, won’t require much budget for them. However, taking care of hamster still, require you to put an effort. One of the things you need to consider before taking care of hamster is that this animal is quite a picky eater. They tend to eat only their favorite foods, and if you don’t train them well, they will only eat their favorite foods and won’t eat anything else.

There are many things you will need to consider and take care of before you decide on buying a hamster for your home. You can check out our latest article on what you should consider in taking care of a hamster and how you should take care of baby hamster at home. One of the things you will need to consider is the hamster foods and treats because they are quite a picky eater.

So, in order to make your hamster love to eat almost anything you give them, you will need to give them treats once in a while. What are treats that are good for a hamster? What can we give them and is it safe to give it our hamster? So here we are on Enjoyable Hamsters Treats in Their Meal Time. You can help to expand our list here by giving your opinion on our comment section.

Here are some enjoyable treats for your cute hamster pets

You should keep it in mind that not every treats and snack are good for your hamster. Your hamster can’t eat everything you give them from the fridge and chew them right away. Some of them can be dangerous for your hamster and give them annoying sickness like vomiting and diarrhea. So, what should we do? What should we give for our ball of fluff? Here are lists of enjoyable hamster treats you can give for your lovely hamster.

  • Sunflower seeds, Grains, and other seeds

Hamster always loves tasty little grains and seeds. One of the tastiest snacks you could give to your little hamster is sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds can be a tasty treat for your hamster once in a while after their meal time.

Since hamster needs to crack open the sunflower seeds to get the tasty treat inside it, it will help them to polish and train their teeth. Hamster have amazingly sturdy teeth to crack open nuts and seeds, but their teeth need to be polished once in a while. That is where sunflower seeds become recommended treats. Other seeds could also work too.

  • Fresh fruits

If you want to have not only tasty but nutritious treats for your hamster, then looks no more, as fresh fruits are the best option for your hamster. Fresh fruits like grape, apple, blueberries, bananas and many more are one of the best choices for your hamster. Tasty fresh fruits might be quite pricey for your hamster though, so you might want to give fresh fruits just once in a while.

Before giving fresh fruits to your hamster, you should remove the seeds from the fruits, especially fruits like apples and grapes. Apples and grapes have sturdy, inedible seeds that can be hazardous for your hamster, so you better watch out.

  • Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are also a good choice for tasty treats for your hamster. Vegetables will provide your hamster with a lot of nutritious minerals and vitamins they will need. However not every vegetable are suitable for hamster stomach. Some of them might cause diarrhea and vomiting on hamster so you better be careful.

Some vegetables that are tasty and safe for hamster are broccoli, kale, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, peas, and lettuce. Try to chop the fresh vegetables into sizable cuts for your little hamster. Also, consider the freshness of your vegetables. The fresher it is, the better for your hamster.

The same as fresh fruits this treats also have the same trouble as sometimes it can be quite expensive to buy fresh vegetables for your hamster. If you are on a tight budget, then you can always use any other treats that are still delicious for your hamster too.

  • Dried fruits or vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are arguably the most nutritious snacks you could give to your hamster, but the catch is, fresh fruits and vegetables are quite expensive to get and it could rot in a period of time. It is bad if you think that your hamster could eat rotten fruits or vegetables. So, how we could solve this problem? How to give nutritious fruits and vegetables with inexpensive cost plus longer expiration date?

The answer is simple! Dried fruits and vegetables are the answer. Dried fruits and veggies might not as nutritious as the fresher one, however, it is far cheaper, efficient and also has longer expiration date than fresh fruits and veggies. You can keep dried fruits for a long time and it is still tasty treats for your hamster.

  • Cereal or biscuits for hamster

Cereal and biscuits are tasty treats for your hamster that are very easy to get, fairly cheap and of course, your hamster will love them. Actually, cereal and biscuits are really good diets for your hamster, but it can also be used as snacks for your hamster so they won’t get bored by their main diets.

You can get cereal and biscuits for your hamster in the local hamster. Try to always buy branded pet biscuits and cereal for a hamster since it is recommended by vets, and really nutritious for your hamster. After all, your lovely hamster deserve the best snacks right?

If you think that there are better snacks, cheaper but effective snacks for your hamster but doesn’t mention in this article, then feel free to mention them in the comment section. Do you like our article on Enjoyable Hamsters Treats in Their Meal Time? Make sure to leave a like here on our article.