How To Raise And Feed An Orphaned Baby Hamster At Home

It feels sad if the baby hamsters loss of their mother. The babies really need the mommy hamster right now. So, how to raise an orphaned baby hamster at home? It is not too easy. However, these following ways will help you how to raise and feed an orphaned baby hamster at home. Let ’s read it carefully.

1. Orphaned baby hamster

Okay, now the orphaned baby hamster is hand by you. So, while you want to touch the babies you should always wear rubber hand gloves (must be clean) and a large spoon that you have (must be clean too). Why? Because the human hand has a strange smell that could make the orphaned baby hamster stress.

2. Set the right temperature

Number two, you should set the right temperature of your orphaned baby hamster. The temperature between 70 to 80 F is the best temperature for orphaned baby hamster which is born between 1st to 10th days. After it more than 2 weeks when the orphaned baby hamster will cover with hairs like its mother. In this time the orphaned hamster only needs about 70 F or 21 C. There are a variety ways to makes the temperature warm. You can place the heater or turn on the dim lights close to the hamster cage. You can pick one option for both these ways.

3. Feeding them with Lacto

So, what is the best milk for the orphaned baby hamster? In Ways To Raise A Baby Hamster Without Its Mother that has been said that the best milk for them is Lacto. The formula that in the Lacto is the same as the pure milk from the mother hamster. That is why you should give them this start from their 1st day until at least their 14th days old. How to feed them?  First wear your hand gloves first, you can take the orphaned baby hamster with a spoon and feed them by using an eyedropper or you can use a syringe with a little pipe to feed them. In this case, you must feed them in every 1-minute in 24 hours.

4. Introduction to solid food

Next of how to raise and feed an orphaned baby hamster at home, in 3 weeks old your orphaned hamster already has teeth. In this time, you should introduce them to solid food. You can watch these step on how to making food for your orphaned baby hamster. First, gathering all that you will need; purchase some hamster pellets, and some waters. Soak the hamster pellets in water, please wait until they are soft. Put this into their food tray. This way is more easily and it is very reachable by them.

5. Reduce to feed them with milk

Alright, the orphaned baby hamster is all ready to grow well. They can eat the solid food as good as its mother. So, it is the perfect time to reduce feed them with a milk. Replace the Lacto with some fats and proteins that hamster needed. The best food that may be given to babies hamsters are nuts, oatmeals, carrots, bananas, and the other seeds. Give them fresh water too, it makes their pups healthy. Place the water drinking tubes at low heights, so the orphaned babies can reach it. You may also read these tips on how to take care of the hamster at home for beginners. It is very easy for you.

6. The right time to separate the orphaned baby

Please to know what kind of orphaned hamster that you have. What is it for? At least in 3 weeks old, the hamsters are already to separate between its genders. The aim of the separate orphaned hamster by the genders is to avoid them from fighting and mating. So, how to find the difference between genders in the orphaned hamster? To make it easy, place your orphaned hamster in plastic and just flip the tip. This way is to keep your hamster is not run away. Just look, at the back of the butt your orphaned hamster. If there are two holes that far away, it is the sign of the male. Besides if it is a woman, there are two holes that very closely.  The other signs that you will watch are if your hamster has the spot in its body. This is her nipples, that is a sign that your hamster is a woman. Besides, for a male hamster, it has a testis and scrotum.

7. Keep their cage clean

What is the right time to clean the orphaned hamster cage? It is while the hamster enters the 2 weeks old, this is the perfect time to clean the cage. A clean environment is very important for the health of your orphaned hamster. In this right time, you are required to clean the hamster cage after 2 weeks from their birth. So that the baby hamster is not disturbed by the process of cleaning the cage. You need to do these following things; Move the hamster to another clean cage, make sure the cage’s atmosphere and the temperature of the cage are similar to the old one. It is not allowed to add hamster toys, because they can be squeezed. During the process of moving the baby hamster, please to use rubber gloves and a spoon so that your foreign odor does not stick to their body. Do cleansing, as usual, like these ways on how to clean your hamster cage easily

8. See the growth of orphaned baby hamster

Finally, on the how to raise and feed an orphaned baby hamster at home, you must keep watching out of orphaned baby hamster healthiness. For their healthy, you may to drops some vitamins to their water bottle and place it at the low height. With this, your orphaned hamster will be healthy as always. Besides, you have to change the fresh water every day. Make sure the water is filtered enough. It is forbidden to give any flavors food such as; chocolate. alcohol. or caffeine. These foods could be harmful to your orphaned hamster. Therefore, you are allowed to provide salt licks for your orphaned hamster. This salt lick is very good for their system. This salt can keep your orphaned hamster healthy as well. You can find this salt lick in pet store around your place. For the last, if you want to feed your orphaned hamster with anything new foods. As the good owner, you may speak up with your vet. This way is quite a safe hamster lover.

Hopefully, the above tips on how to raise and feed an orphaned baby hamster at home could be useful for you. You could see other similar tips on ways to raise a baby hamster without its mother. These tips also can help you more on how to raise and feed them properly. Okay, good luck hamster lovers. May your hamster grow as healthy as well.