4 Best Things To Prepare For Hamster Diet

If you are considering to get pet hamster, then you might want to consider and crosscheck a few things, especially hamster diet as a hamster can be quite a picky eater. Yes, just as we said, hamster sometimes can be picky eater, especially it is their first time in your home. Hamster is omnivorous, meaning that they can eat actually anything but mostly hamster will eat seeds, grains, pellets, and fresh fruits. Getting the right diets for your hamster might sound troublesome and annoying to do but with the right choice, you can give your little ball of fluff the best foods for them.

Before deciding on which hamster diet is the best for your hamster, you can also consult with your vets on choosing the right diets for your hamster. You also need to consider which kind of hamster do you got, as hamster have many different kinds. You will need to adjust your hamster diets with your hamster type and make sure they are comfortable with their diets.

So, we have compiled you on our 4 Best Things To Prepare For Hamster Diet. We also provide some more guidance and tips for choosing the right diets for your pet hamster. Make sure to leave a like and comments if you found better hamster diets you can choose for your pet hamster.

The best things for your hamster diet

What you need to know is, that there are at least 4 diets for your hamster you can choose. Those diets are pellet diets, grains or seeds diets, fresh fruits diet and then mixed up a diet. Each diet has its own strength and weaknesses and you might find one diet are cheaper than the other diets. If you want to choose what is the best diets for your hamster, you might want to check out here on our article to see the strength and weaknesses of each diet here. So, here we are one of the best diets you can choose for your lovely ball of fluff.

  • Pellet Diets

Pelleted mix diets offer your hamster with a tasty treat, guaranteed nutritious and also well-balanced diets. Pellet diet is recommended diet because it is fairly cheap to buy, nutritious for your lovely ball of fluff, and well balanced. However, pellet diets can sometimes become monotonous for your hamster, so some of the hamsters might get bored by their diets.

Hamster is picky eater, if you provide your hamster with mixed seeds diets, your hamster might only eat their favorite seeds and won’t bother touching other foods. This is where pellet diets can be very good for your hamster. Pellet provides your hamster with a balanced diet and can be a supplement for your hamster if your hamster gets bored eating mixed seeds. Pellet diets can consist of small crackers, small biscuits, cereal, and cookies. Hamster can be picky eater, so if you find your hamster bored of your pellet of choice, try switching another diet.

  • Grains and Seeds Diets

Hamster natural foods are grains and seed, so the loose seeds and grains diets are also recommended for some hamster. Loose seeds diet consist mixed up of seeds and grains, along with dried vegetables and dried fruits too. Loose seeds are also good for new hamster, either you bought it from pet shops or adopt the baby hamster. You can also mix up your seeds with some pellet diets to avoid boredom for your hamster.

When feeding your hamster with loose seeds and grains diets, make sure to make your hamster empty up the food bowl before pouring more seeds. This way, you can train your hamster to not become a picky eater and eat only their favorite seeds and grains.

  • Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Diets

Fresh foods if prepared correctly, are arguably better than any other diets for your lovely hamster. Fresh foods like fruits and vegetables are really great for your hamster because it provides a lot of nutrition for your hamster so they can grow up fast and healthy. However, you also need to be very careful as you can’t give every fresh foods you found for your hamster. Your hamster might be omnivorous but it doesn’t mean that it can anything you take out from the fridge. You need to be careful in what you give to your hamster because if you give your hamster wrong foods, it will result in annoying problems like diarrhea for your hamster. Here is some example of fresh fruits and vegetables that is safe for your hamster to eat.

Bananas, Blueberries, Broccoli, Apples (make sure to remove the seeds), Cauliflower, Carrots, Kale (Try to chop it up a bit so your hamster will have an easy way to eat), Peas, Lettuce, Spinach, Sweet potato, potatoes (make sure to boil it first), squash, strawberries, whole grain bread, Crickets (Although sounds nasty but it is sure to treat for your hamster), peanuts, lentils and of course sunflower seeds (Very popular for hamster).

You can mixed-up your fresh fruits and vegetables with pellets, whole grain bread, and any other treats so your hamster will be happy.

  • Mixed Up Diets

Balanced and mixed up diets might be the most recommended and really are the most balanced diets for your hamster. You can choose between the mixed up of fresh fruits and vegetable diets along with tasty treats of pellets and cereal or you can also give your hamster dried vegetables and fruits as a cheap supplement.

Skip up junk foods and always stick to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy treats. This way, your hamster will be very glad as they are provided with a wide arrange of foods, healthy nutritious foods they can get.

You also need to consider the budget you will use for providing your lovely ball of fluff with tasty snacks. Fresh fruits and vegetables might be very good until you realize that it is actually quite expensive, so pelleted diets are pretty much your choice if you have a tight budget.

You might find more article related to the hamster and other animal care and treatment on our website here. That’s it on 4 Best Things To Prepare For Hamster Diet, So, if you find more ideas and tips, be sure to share it here on our website.