How To Feed A Newborn Baby Hamster

Hamster babies are born with no hair, they really need nutrients from their mother’s milk, but how do you feed a new baby hamster when a hamster’s mother gets sick even dead? Here below are some tips on how to feed a newborn baby hamster in easy ways. Let’s check these out.

1. They will be nursing by their mothers

Actually, you do not need feeding the newborn babies because the newborn babies also have the nutrition from its mother. In here,  you just let go of the mother of the newborn babies nursing them until at least one month old.  Besides,  you allow helping the mother of the newborn babies hamster to fulfill what is the mother needed. You should maintain about what are the nutrition that best for the mother after giving birth. You could see on this how to take care of the hamster after giving birth. This will help you how to take care of a mother hamster after giving birth.

2. The mother hamster was sick

You as the good owner of them always check about how is your hamster doing.  However,  this time it looks your mother hamster is no energy to walk and she looks pale.  So,  what could you do?  In this case, you should see what are the common symptoms of your mother hamster,  see it on (link). Then find a best home remedies to treat your mother hamster. In this case, the mother hamster looks pale because she looses lots of energy. Nursing the babies hamsters need lots of energy.  Just give it she one full tea spoon of honey an mixed it with some water.

3. She eats the baby

There are some mistakes that owner always do on mother hamster. One of them is the owner like to touch the newborn babies without wearing hand gloves and a spoon. Why we should wearing hand gloves and spoon when touch the babies?  It is for safety and to avoid to the mother hamster eats the babies. In fact,  while you touch the babies without safety,  the mother will feel a strange smell on her babies. This make the mother stressed and will eats them. There are several common symptoms of stressed mother hamster; she looks restless, uneasy, she doesn’t want to feed her babies and always takes his baby here and there. The thing that you can do, cover the cage with a newspaper, this is so the hamster’s mother doesn’t feel disturbed and threatened. Place the cage in a safe place, and let her adapt and let her do her job as a mother to breastfeed her babies. To check the condition of the mother and newborn babies, you can check the time when you refill her food.

4. The mother is don’t care

How to feed a newborn baby hamster while the mother is don’t care about the babies? Well, sometimes one of a new mother does this. Usually, the common symptoms that the mother never wants to feed the babies are the babies are scattered in here and there, the mommy always sleep alone stay away from the babies, she won’t feeding the babies and she just do her activities, as usual, she doesn’t care about the babies. So, what you should do? Firstly, you should pick the right time,  use your hand gloves and with the large spoon collect her newborn babies and placed them closely in her mother’s nipple. Automatically, the newborn baby will get the milk that they are needed. The right time to do this is when the mother is sleeping. Do this several times, watch out for them carefully and it will work. The mother will feed the newborn babies by herself as the mother did.

5. The orphaned newborn hamster

So, what is the orphaned newborn hamster? The orphaned newborn hamster is a case when the mother is dead and she leaves her babies alone. How to raise and feed an orphaned baby hamster at home? You can see more on this, how to raise and feed them the orphaned baby hamster at home. The previous that has been explained that to feed the orphaned baby hamster, you must need the same nutrition as the mother hamster has. Lacto is the best surrogate milk for the orphaned baby hamster. How to feed them with this milk? Mix Lacto with some water (you must make it thick milk) and then use an eyedropper or a syringe with small pipes to feed them. Do feed them carefully and must be gentle. Feeding them like this until two weeks old, until the newborn babies change to darker color and the hair is growing. Besides, there are one another way of feeding the orphaned newborn baby hamster, if you have two mother hamster at the same time but one of them is dead. You can pick the orphaned babies hamster to a surrogate mother. She will feed and raise them as her babies as well as possible. Make sure all of the mother need is always available.

6. Introduce them some solid food

When the newborn baby enters in the 2 weeks old, they will turn into her mother looks like. In this time, you should introduce them to solid food. Actually, the mother will introduce this to their babies, but you allow to help the mother in these ways. So, what are the bests food for the young hamster? You allow giving a half boiled egg (smash it), and the babies will easy to eat this food, pellets of hamster are the best food for them too. You can smash it with some milk and serve it in their food bowls. Vegetables, is it allow to give them vegetables? Sure, you can cut the carrots into small pieces and they will learn how to eat this hard food.

7. Set the all that the newborn baby hamster needed

Well, enters the 3 weeks old, the babies turn into her mother as well. In here, you do not need to give them milk or another soft food anymore. You can give them food as the mother has. Besides, the young hamster has young teeth, these teeth will grow in fast. So, at this time you allow to give them 1 until two chew toys per day. See how to make the chew toys on how to make homemade chew toys for your hamster. See the steps by steps, it so eases to make a homemade chew toy for your hamster.

Hopefully, the above of how to feed a newborn baby hamster can be useful for you. There are some tips of feeding that you can try to feed your newborn baby hamster. Newborn baby hamster really needs much fats and proteins as same as their mother. Make sure to feed them at the right time and do not be late.