Get Ready with these 6 Things to Consider before Starting a Goat Farm

Starting a goat farm is always interesting. Goats are cute animals and very productive in milk and meat. Besides, goats are really independent and intelligent animals and there’s not much things you need to do to take care of them.

However, as beginners, you need to know what to do before starting a goat farm. Things to prepare and other tips to raise a successful goat farm are also needed for a beginner.

If you are looking at the tips of being a successful goat farmer, you can see these effective tips to become a successful goat farmer.

Let’s move right away about the things to consider before starting a goat farm.

  • Characteristics of a goat itself

Before deciding to raise goat in your farm, of course the first thing you need to consider is the animal itself. You need to understand the characteristics of a goat.

Goats generally are very social, full of curiosity, gentle, independent and intelligent animals. That’s why it will be a good idea if you have at least two goats, so they won’t get bored and lonely when they’re alone.

If you are ready to start a little herd, then you can raise a doe (female) and a buck (male). If you don’t have any idea how to distinguish male and female goats, read differences between male and female goats.

Besides, goats like to climb, crawl, jump or run over or under everything they want. That’s why you need to get a good fencing before getting a goat or more.

Goat fencing commonly uses electric fencing, goat wire, barbed wire or woven wire. You also need to make sure that the fence is strung tightly so your goats wouldn’t be able to squeeze through. Get the idea of fences for your sheep and goats so your goats won’t be able to escape!

  • Food

Unlike the myth that told us that goats eat everything, goats don’t. They are similar to deer as they are food browser, they eat branches and leaves and bark as well as weeds and some grass.

Goats are known as ruminants (herbivorous animals that fermenting plant-based food in a specialized stomach through microbial actions), so that they need long-strained fibrous food to keep their rumen healthy.

As mineral supplement, goats can also be given hay. If you are raising a milk goat, you should feed them concentrated feed at milking time to maintain their health.

Also read these helpful tips to breed a healthy goat farm. Healthy goats, happy owners!

  • Water

Goats, just similar to all animals, need clean water supply, specifically because they are lactating animals. You have to make sure you get the good watering system in your farm through a hose, pond or any other water source. Make sure they can be accessed easily by your goats.

  • Their health condition

Goats can get sick easily and die very quickly. That’s the nature of an animal that is bred young (even at three months age, but this is not recommended) and can give birth with multiple kids. You need to be very attentive to their health by watching over them carefully if something is amiss.

You also need to do research on how normal and healthy goats look like and what kind of emergency treatment you can do on several conditions. Hoof abscess is one of the diseases a goat might have.

Take a look at the further explanation on get to know hoof abscess acute disease in goat. Also, have a contact with a vet to do consultation when something is not right. Prevention can save your goats’ life. Vaccination is also a must for your goats.

Due to this condition, it is also suggested for you to prepare your heart. Get ready whenever you have to lose your goats.

  • Some tools if you raise them for milk

if you are raising goats for their milk, you might need some additional tools. You will need some stainless steel pails, a milking bench, sanitary and buckets. They might take additional cost, but they are worth it. Also, there are some ways to prevent your milk goat from catching diseases.

  • Shelter

Shelter also plays an important role in goat farming. You need to make sure the shelter where they stay inside is comfortable. Keep them out of cold winds.

Special place will also be needed for your goats if they are likely to give birth. They will need special and quiet place.

Besides, about the bedding, you will need a shed with hay, wood chips, saw dust or straw. It is important to keep them clean. Mucking out the bedding will be beneficial for preventing diseases and bad smell.