Meet these 7 Popular and Excellent Goat Breed for your Goat Farm

Goat farming is an interesting to do as you can get some benefits from it. You can get some things from goat farming, such as meat, milk and also fun! Most people raise goat for meat and milk, and there are some popular goat breed you can choose for your goat farm. Look at these factors that makes up a successful goat farm to inspire you starting a goat farm.

However, not all goat breed are suitable to be raised for meat. The most important thing to consider before raising goat for meat is whether they are able to produce edible meat.

Most meat goat breed are raised to mature quickly and gain some weight without emphasizing on the milk production. While the milk goats are expected to produce milk for a long time. If you wish to raise or breed goats for milk, you can see the ways to breed goats for milk productions.

Here are the 7 popular goat breed you can choose for your goat farm.

  • Boer

These Boer goats were originated from South Africa. They were raised for their meat and selected for their superior body shape. These Boer goats can have various color as they can be white and reddish brown or all red.

They have short hair and black, brown or red marking on their neck and head. Their short horns are curved close to their head. They also have pendulous and long ears. The Boer is also one of the cutest breeds of goat to keep as pets.

This goat breed is resistant to disease as it can survive in a hot, dry and semi-desert area. The Boer goat can weigh up to 190 to 230 pounds for the does, and 200 to 340 pounds for the bucks.

  • Nubian

The Nubians is the single goat breed specifically for milk due to its excellent milk productivity. They can produce 1565 pounds of milk and it takes 288 lactation days per year.

The Nubians’ life span is around 10 to 15 years. The male Nubians can weigh up to 310 pounds and the female ones can weigh up to 240 pounds.

Do you know that goat milk has lots of advantages? See some healthy reasons to drink goats milk.

  • Tennessee Fainting Goat

You might be wondering why it is called fainting goat. Tennessee fainting goats are named that way because of their origin, which is from Tennessee and they are called nervous goats or stiff leg goats. When they are startled, they can faint or go rigid or even fall down.

Fainting goats might have short hair or long hair. They are considered as medium-sized goats with the males weighing around 200 pounds. Their body is typically black or white. Do you know that this fainting goat can also be kept as family pet?

  • Kiko

This goat breed is known to get survived under poor conditions. The Kiko was originated from New Zealand and brought back to the United States in the 1990s.

Kikos are good for producing meat as they have muscular and compact body and outswept horns. Being able to grow fast, an adult male Kiko can weigh up to 300 pounds. This breed is more economical than the Boers as they prefer rough grazing and needs little attention.

  • Spanish

Spanish goats existed even before the Boers are available in the United States in the late 1980s. In the South, they were considered as the standard meat goat breed. Spanish goats are descendants of the goats that the Spanish explorers brought to the United States passing Mexico.

The Boers now is more popular as the favorite meat goat breed in the United States, but this breed also gets new purpose which is to control bush plants.

  • Crossbreeds

There are some new crossbreeds available for producing the best meat. Here are some of the most common crossbreeds available:

  1. Moneymakers – They are crossbreeds of the Sannen and Nubian breeds. Then, they are bred with the Boers.
  2. Savannas- They are resistant of heat and drought. Their muscular body with short and white coat with a cashmere undercoat are their characteristics. The white coat with cashmere undercoat enables them to stay warm during cold winter season. If you live in a place having weather challenges, then this breed is suitable for you. They are excellent mothers as well.
  • Pygmy

This breed is bred from the West African. Modern pygmy goats are mostly kept as pets, but some others are also raised for their meat. Their compact, meaty and fertile body enable them to be the potential meat producer.

Their males can weigh 60 to 86 pounds while the females weigh around 50 to 75 pounds. They have frequent breeding time, especially every 9 to 12 months.

If you are sure to start a goat farm, also look the effective tips to become a successful goat farmer and this basic guide of goat farming for beginners. Learn and be the successful one!