Get to Know Hoof Abscess! Acute Disease in Goat

Beside goat’s hoof infection, hoof abscess also one of all acute disease in goat. This disease mainly attacks goat’s leg when the shape is like lump. This lump isn’t attack only on goat’s leg but also another body part area like head and neck.

The lump usually causes by wound, dislocation, or foreign object like thorn or splinter under goat’s skin and it’s becoming infected. Something foreign like injection can also cause this problem. This lump isn’t automatically big, which is it started with small lump and if you let it away it becomes bigger.

This bigger process also contributed by any bacteria. Bacteria which probably cause is staph and strep populate. The lump can be disappeared and bigger depends on goat’s immune. The better the immune, the faster the lump gone. But if it the immune isn’t strong enough to blockage this problem lump can getting bigger.

Main cause

Did you know that this problem not only affect by cleanliness problem? To get to know about the reason why this problem can happen here is some main cause of this problem.

  • Hoof trauma

This trauma can be harsh action that you give to goat. As we know to raise goat you need to buy breed goat to rise up which is mean that the goat must be moving on some point until to your place. This moving needed to be fast and sometime we care them unconsciously hard so there is trauma on their body. This trauma is different in psychology thing which is there is no relatable with mind. Trauma here just mean there is harmful break that face to their body moreover their legs. To prevent this thing, you need to make the distance between stair and the land closer when you move them all.

  • Highly carbohydrate food

The key of healthy is balancing nutrition. Carbohydrate cause diabetes in human so does in goat. But it doesn’t called as diabetes. Sugar that contained in carbohydrate make the body softer so if there is wound both open and closed make the pus can easily come.

  • Nutrition problem

Unbalancing nutrition can also cause this problem. There is nutrition that used to prevent body of any disease or we know it as antioxidant which produced by Vitamin E. The lack of nutrition like vitamin E is surely danger so please make it balance well.

  • Wrong hoof cutting method

Trimming or cutting hoof goat is one of care step routine that you need to do. To prevent there is foreign thing that may can inside to the hoof, make it as short as possible is main thing to do. But it is not always goat care taker knew how to trimming properly. Wrong trimming method cause the hoof not to coming out but getting inside and being the reason of this problem. So, be careful if you want to trimming. Make sure that the method is proper.

  • Endometritis post-giving birth

There is so many problems after giving birth. Endometritis is like peeled hoof that caused by overweight during pregnancy.

The symptoms

To get more know about goat’s hoof abscess, here are some symptom that might sign you to be aware if there is one of this point happen to your goat.

  • Lesion on their scrambled

This lesion not like open wound but it is like lump. This lump place on scramble which is like a side of their leg.

  • Stress

Another symptom that appear of this problem is stress. This stress cause hair fall goat. Goat may really stress of this situation because of hurt that they feel on their leg so they feel so depressed and cause of some stress.

  • Low appetite

Low appetite may cause by stress. Hurt makes them depressed and feeling stressed. After stress, low appetite is really normal to come up. This low appetite can affect some problem such like decrease production of milk and meat.

  • Unbalance problem

Unbalance problem surely happen remind of this problem on their hoof. If you letting this away, your goat may paralyzed.

First aid and preventive acts

The cure of this problem is freaking pricey. To reduce your budget and help you to save your money, here is some first aid that you can do.

  • Trimming or cutting the hoof

Trimming isn’t only used as first aid but also as routine treatment. Like manicure or pedicure for human, the goal of this activity to avoid if there are bacteria that getting inside. Make sure you do it properly. Don’t make harsh line or sharpen line on their hoof. Make sure that everything is soft enough so the goat didn’t hurt and the hoof is short perfectly.

  • Cage farm management system

As we know this problem isn’t cause only of internal factor but also external factor. Nutrition supply and clean environment are main point of the caring system. Make sure that you increase the protection when the rainy season coming. Air ventilation is a must to reduce the circulation of air inside the cage. Also, make sure that drink, food, and you as care taker are clean enough when treat the goat especially caring after giving birth process, both of momma and the baby serve well and clean well.

Every disease or another health problem can become worst if we just let it away. For you who have goat farming, this thing will informative enough to manage your farm well. Actually, loosing one or more goats cause by disease or health problem means really lost. It is different with poultry that may losing one isn’t effect significantly but as we know if we talk about price, one goat may equal as almost one hundred duck.

The reason why this problem called as acute or deadly problem is because the pus that can be transmitted to another body part of goat. That’s why this problem can cause of death.