3 Things You Need To Know About Squirrel Cross Breeding

Squirrel is cute little animal that hop on the tree, jump over the tree and little nut cracker. This little creature can be very cute and adorable, no wonder that many people are trying to adopt one as their own home pet. Although squirrel is adorable and cute little nut cracker, they are still wild animals. It can be quite hard for inexperienced people to try adopting squirrel as their own home pet. Wild animals tend to be afraid of human. It is really unwise to keep wild animals as pet in your home. Not only that they afraid of you and don’t trust you easily, but sometimes wild animals can carry dangerous and contagious disease that can infect one home. You might don’t want to keep wild animals at your home.

If you are trying to adopt wild squirrel, it might be very hard and overwhelming. If you still insist on keeping squirrel as your home pet, then you might want to choose breeder and pet shop. Squirrel you get from breeder can be quite easy and not really overwhelming to take care of but you need to make sure you get trusted breeder to get the best breeds of squirrel.

Luckily, for people who are inexperienced but want to keep squirrel as home pet, there are breeder and pet shop that provides you with tame squirrel that can be keep as home pet. However, you need to know that not every squirrel can be home pet, there are squirrel that are result of cross breeding. Cross breeding squirrel tend to be tamer and easy for you to take care of. So, what you need to know first about cross breed squirrel? Here are 3 Things You Need To Know About Squirrel Cross Breeding.  

Here are some important things you need to know first before getting cross breed squirrel

Some of you might doubt that squirrel will make a good pet, but if you train them well and treat them right, squirrel could also becoming very cute pet and adorable too. Squirrel from wild will not be able to follow you right and trained right as they are already afraid of human. However, squirrel you got from breeder is different. They are not afraid of human from their baby stage, Therefore you can train them well. Cross breed squirrel is also something you need to think of. There are many things you will need to know about cross breeding a squirrel.

  1. Fear of human is developed by environment not inborn instinct

Squirrel is wild animals and squirrel you found in the wild is afraid of human. Not only because we are bigger and meaner, but we also took several of their home, destroy their habitats by destroying forest and stealing their foods, we also responsible for the creating of hostile environment for squirrel. Although adult squirrel is afraid of human and will flee whenever approached by human, babies aren’t like that. Baby doesn’t know anything, and they don’t fear human as much as adult squirrel do. Fear of human is developed by the environment, and baby squirrel if trained and raised in captivity will learn to not afraid of human, interacting with human and you can train them to be house pet.

If you bought baby squirrel from breeder, you will have one baby squirrel you can train and raise. You also need to know that crossbreeding squirrel also make the inborn have tamer instinct and some of them are easier to train and raise. If you know the trick right, crossbreed squirrel is far easier to train rather than pure breed squirrel and of course wild squirrel. With some effort, you can easily train your squirrel to do some neat trick.

  1. Different type and crossbreed have different treatment and lifespan

Yes, different type of squirrel including crossbreed squirrel of course have slight different treatment and lifespan. Although the difference is very subtle like the type of foods they might like, and veterinary cares, there are differences. Some crossbreed squirrel are generally more fragile than their wild predecessors. Crossbreed squirrel also adapt in new environment of captivity much more quicker than their wild predecessors but they still need time to interact and adapting with brand new environment.

Their lifespan is also somewhat different. Sure, lifespan is affected by how well you treat your pet, how well you can treat any diseases that might hurt your pet, and how well you can keep your pet alive for a long time. Squirrel have their own natural lifespan, but crossbreed squirrel somehow have longer lifespan than some wild predecessors. This because they are already comfortable with captivity and captivity is actually safer than wild. Wild squirrel tend to have shorter life because in the wild, there are many death factors like predators, hungers, weathers, and of course human factors but in captivity, non of those factors matter here. In fact squirrel in captivity could live up much longer than their wild predecessors for more than 4 years.

  1. Not every state legalize adopting squirrel as home pet

Some state consider squirrel as wild animals, and consider squirrel as endangered and need to be protected in their wild habitats. That is why some state and country is banning the adoption of wild squirrel as home pet. Some state might be fine with adopting squirrel at home, but some state consider it illegal. You should know first if it is okay to take squirrel home or not before deciding what to do.

That is 3 Things You Need To Know About Squirrel Cross Breeding. Many people consider squirrel couldn’t be a good pet as they are wild animals and therefore can’t be trained well. However, if trained well under conditions, they can be cute and adorable home pet you can always pet. Crossbreed squirrel need some attentive care so you better be careful about that.

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