2 Things You Need to Do If Your Squirrel Indicated to Rabies

No one wants his pet to contract the disease, nor does the squirrel keeper. Wait, maybe you are a little stranger to using squirrel as pet. But that’s how it is. There are some people who happily care for squirrel in their home.

Although it isn’t common for some people, some other oppose the danger of keeping squirrel in their home. Some countries even make regulation that regulate penalties for people who care for squirrel. But what is the meaning of the sentence as long as it isn’t discovered by law enforcement, right?

Actually, raising squirrel is not recommended for human. Some security concern is fundamental to this prohibition. Even so, people often find squirrel in their backyard. Having a high social life, people think as well as feeding them so that the squirrel returns to their home. Though human presence and even interaction with humans may be a threat to the squirrel. Because the feared squirrel’s response is often considered adorable, people then think that squirrel can be kept in the house. In the fact, it’s not that easy.

Because of free wild life and food that may not be sterile, it can make squirrels contaminated with rabies. Rabies is a virus that attacks the central nervous system in mammals. Although cases are rare, once symptoms of the disease begin to appear, rabies is almost certainly fatal. The rabies virus is typically transmitted by the passing of saliva through bites or scratches. It is uncommon for squirrels to carry the virus, but it is important to know the signs of rabies so potential encounters can be avoided and you can stay safe.

The symptom

To make you clear, here is the symptom of squirrel that attacked by rabies.

  • Behavioral changes

Rabies is a disease whose symptoms aren’t detected. Although it is very unlikely to find rabies squirrel, it is still a good idea to know the sign of rabies infection. The rabies virus affects the central nervous system, usually resulting in encephalitis or inflammation of the brain. One of the most common signs of rabies is strange or unexpected behavior. This unusual behavior usually takes one of two forms, extreme aggression or unusual obedience. Aggressive animals may be malignant, growling and biting. If it happens to animals that aren’t wild, they will lose their instincts to avoid human and look calm and extraordinary approachable.

  • Another general symptom

This condition leads to symptoms that are usually associated with rabies, including paralysis, blindness or sensitivity to light, loss of balance, aggression, confused behavior and mood swings. The classic symptom of excessive saliva or foaming in the mouth only sometimes occurs as a result of paralysis in the throat or jaw, a little bit less effective if it is called sign of rabies. One reason why rabies is a dangerous disease that is often carried by wild animal is because these animals can carry rabies for months before they show the symptom.

All you need to do

Here is you need to do when you see that the squirrel is indicated to rabies.

  • Avoid them

If you meet a squirrel that is indicated as mentioned above, there is no other way than to avoid it. You have explained how dangerous rabies is, there is no specific reason for you to stay close to them. Some officers who will quarantine these squirrels or other rabies-indicated animals even use special devices that can protect them from rabies attacks, approaching them without special protection is not a good thing to do. If your backyard is a spot that often visited by wild squirrels, it is highly recommended that you stay away from them.

  • Medical check up

If you are accidentally bitten or scratched by them, you should do a medical check-up immediately. We never know whether squirrel that bite you are clean squirrel or squirrel that carry rabies in themselves. To ensure that all medical help is more recommended than home remedies that are done as is at home.

Some animals that are not recommended to be kept at home do have dangerous one behind the reason. Maybe a little doesn’t make sense, but when that happens to you, you will realize why a ban was made.

Wild animals are still outdoor animals. With a lot of disease risks out there when the forest is no longer a healthy forest, when maybe the water doesn’t seem as clear as it might be, or maybe the leaves no longer bring green freshness, serious diseases will continue to threaten. We cannot avoid modern changes that might be bad for ourselves, but is this the life we ​​want?

Rabies is a disease whose symptoms are undetectable and certainly harmful to human. Stay careful and be aware of one thing, the free ones should never be locked up and those locked up shouldn’t be released. Don’t change the mindset that should be used in our lives. Animal wildness instincts will always be there, and human may have that wild instinct. It is enough everything to be careful.