6 Helpful Tips on Getting Rid of Fleas on Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig is one of the pets that is prone to have fleas on its body. Fleas on guinea pigs are similar to fleas some dogs and cats might have.  If you suspect your guinea pigs to scratch and feel itchy more than usual, then you need to check his coat and be prepared to handle fleas matter. It is always important to keep your pet clean, including your guinea pigs. You can also check the ways to get rid and prevent fleas on your pets, too.

Despite the small body fleas have, we cannot underestimate this small creature. Fleas are included as one of the members of blood sucking animals, and it might be fatal if your guinea pig becomes the host of fleas.

Some fleas even carry diseases, such as myxomatosis, a deadly disease for any pet. That’s why it is very important to make sure to eliminate fleas entirely from your home.

Causes Fleas on Guinea Pigs?

Fleas commonly come from other pets, visitors or even from the surrounding environment. If you have some other pets, such as dogs and cats, then the fleas might come from them and be transferred to your guinea pigs.

Fleas are even able to get into your clothes. So, if you have visited a dog or cat that has fleas on its body, you might carry the fleas home.

There are some cautions, specifically for pregnant and baby guinea pigs. You have to make sure they are not exposed to fleas as they have higher risk of infestation due to their increased blood flow.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Guinea Pigs?

Treating fleas on guinea pigs will be quite different with the treatment people do to dogs and cats. Though the basic of the treatment is the same, the use of chemicals and medication to treat fleas on guinea pigs are not recommended.

As guinea pigs are gentle, they need extra care to treat this kind of problem. So, here are the tips on how to get rid of fleas on guinea pigs. They are safe and practical to follow.

  • Flea Comb

Using flea comb is the most basic method to get rid of fleas on guinea pigs. You just need a flea comb and a container filled with water. You just need to brush your guinea pug’s fur and make sure you reach every corner.

Comb them thoroughly. Then, inspect whether there are any fleas, their eggs and their dirt. Drown any of them into the water and repeat the process until you find none.

You can do this twice a day in a week to make sure all the fleas are eradicated completely.

  • Isolate Your Guinea Pigs from Other Pets

Isolating your guinea pig might be one of the significant step to get rid of fleas. Fleas can jump from other pets, such as cats or dogs to your guinea pigs. By isolating your guinea pigs, you can help get rid of the fleas without the risk of getting it back.

  • Treat the Other Pets, too

If you have other pets that have fleas on their body, then treat them first. You can find the ideas on how to get rid of fleas on …. If you treat the other pets, then you can also prevent your guinea pigs from getting any fleas from them.

  • Bathe Them

Bathing your guinea pig by using a good quality guinea pig shampoo will be helpful to get rid the fleas, as well as their eggs and dirt. You can find the idea of the best shampoos for guinea pig.

Caution: if you haven’t got any experience bathing your guinea pig before, then you shouldn’t do it. Consult with your vet before you decide to do this treatment. You may also get the idea of guinea pig bath how to clean them properly, still, you need to consult with the vet first.

  • Clean Up

You have to eradicate the fleas not only from your guinea pig’s body, but from your home. Fleas might be hard to get rid once they infest your home. So, you have to eradicate them.

Fleas love to stay in your home furnishing, including beds, sofa, floor mats and rugs for months before getting host to begin their life cycle. So, make sure you clean these areas to get rid of fleas from your home. You can follow the following steps to eradicate fleas from home:

  1. Vacuum your house, including the rugs, carpet and lounges. Do this regularly and make sure you empty the vacuum cleaner outside.
  2. Steam your carpet every three months.
  3. Do frequent cleaning or laundry of your pet bedding. It will be helpful to control fleas.
  4. Do regular changing of your guinea pig’s bedding. Keep them dry and clean. Clean the cage as well by applying these ways to clean the cage of guinea pig.
  5. If it is a mess already, contact a pest control service.